Resilient Echoes: Here Is How Somoeita Let Therapy Heal Her From Her Past Traumas

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T.W. Mentions of Suicidal Tendencies

West Bengal, a land where the sacred Ganges caresses the fertile plains, breathes life into a tapestry woven with cultural vitality. This eastern gem, with its mystical mangroves of the Sundarbans and the vibrant chaos of Kolkata, resonates with the poetry of Rabindranath Tagore.

From Durga Puja’s fervour to Kathak’s lyrical grace, West Bengal is a kaleidoscope of traditions. The scent of freshly brewed Darjeeling tea mingles with the echoes of historic palaces, inviting you into a world where art, literature, and spirituality dance harmoniously, creating a captivating symphony of diversity.

Meet Somoeita, a 23-year-old MBA student from West Bengal, whose canvas of life is painted with vibrant hues of painting, singing, and the artistry of cooking. As a child, she raced through a lively upbringing with her elder sister, cherishing moments of play and sports.

However, beneath the surface, Somoeita grappled with overwhelming challenges that affected her mental health.
Amid the demanding corridors of IIM Trichy, Somoeita faced a storm within. Struggling with suicidal tendencies and self-harm, her mental health became a battleground. 

The weight of loss further intensified her struggles, as she mourned the departure of two dear ones to COVID-19. Discovering YourDOST through her college, she took a courageous step toward professional help.

“I refrained from sharing my things with people as I would often worry about being judged. My friends told me to go seek professional help.”

Somoeita shared, highlighting the isolation that often accompanies mental health struggles.

Tanishka, her counselor, became a compassionate listener in a world filled with deafening internal voices urging her towards self-harm. The therapeutic space provided not just solace but techniques that became lifelines in moments of distress.

“I had voices that would go on inside me and would ask me to jump from the balcony or engage in self-harm. These voices kept growing every day.”

Armed with resilience, Somoeita embraced techniques like the rubber band technique, box breathing, and the 5-4-3-2-1 grounding method. These tools became her allies, guiding her towards mindfulness and emotional stability.
“Counseling helped me gain my confidence levels back on track and helped me look at life with a different perspective.”

Somoeita affirmed her words echoing the transformative power of therapeutic intervention.

Expressing gratitude to Tanishka, Somoeita said, “I would like to thank her for teaching me the techniques and being patient with me.”

The appreciation speaks volumes about the importance of a counselor’s role in the healing journey.
Post-therapy, Somoeita rates herself a 3.5 out of 5 in terms of feeling better. Her Warrior Tips reflect the wisdom gained from her journey.

Somoeita’s Warrior Tips:
1. “Always remember to take care of yourself at all points. Your well-being matters always.”
2.“Seek professional help and start talking about your problems to them, it will help you seek healthy validation.”
3. “There will always be testing times but never beat yourself or be hard on yourself.”

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