Navigating Tranquility: Tanisha’s Journey to Self-Love Through Counseling

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Tanisha Roy is a 22-year-old Biotechnology student in her second year at IIT KGP. Beyond the world of academia, Tanisha finds solace in writing, basketball, camping, and cooking.

While her childhood had its ups and downs, Tanisha’s journey has been one of gradual improvement, marked by a fluid connection with her family, particularly her over-protective mother.

Amidst the rigours of college life, Tanisha found herself struggling to function daily. Consumed by overwhelming thoughts, her emotional well-being suffered, exacerbated by the challenges of navigating an over-protective relationship with her mom.

The lifeline she needed came in the form of YourDOST, the official mental health partner of IIT KGP.

“I battled severe anxiety, a relentless companion that impacted my daily routine and well-being.”

It was around this time that she decided to book her counseling session with YourDOST and reached out to her expert through the platform.

Ms. Virakshi Garg is Tanisha’s guiding light. Tanisha’s initial impression of the counselor was positive, setting the stage for a transformative journey.

“Virakshi introduced me to effective techniques, with journaling emerging as a powerful tool in my emotional toolkit.”

Tanisha reflected,

“I used to get mad at even the small mistake I made, and this became very toxic for me. Speaking with Virakshi helped me go easy on myself, and I began to start loving myself like how I used to.”

The counselor’s guidance facilitated a shift from self-criticism to self-love, fostering a healthier mindset.

Embarking on her counseling journey with YourDOST, Tanisha discovered transformative techniques that not only addressed her anxiety but also empowered her to embrace self-love. Ms. Virakshi’s expertise played a crucial role in reshaping Tanisha’s perspective, creating positive changes in her emotional well-being.

In Tanisha’s narrative, she emphasizes the accessibility of emotional wellness resources and the positive impact of counseling.

Tanisha’s story serves as a testament to the power of counseling in fostering self-love and navigating emotional challenges.

“YourDOST, as my mental health partner, played a pivotal role in my transformative journey.”

Her narrative not only resonates with those facing similar struggles but also showcases the effectiveness of counseling techniques in promoting mental well-being. 

Tanisha’ Warrior Tips:
1. “Start taking therapy when needed especially if you cannot find somebody to confide in.”
2.“Your emotions may feel heavy at the moment but are not always the reality. We create our problems because of how we let our emotions conquer us.”
3.”Therapy helps you manage yourself better with your everyday life, it helps you understand where you spend your energy the most.”

Team YourDOST

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