Emerging From Toxicity: A Journey of Healing for Ricka With YourDost

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Ricka, aged 33, lives in the enchanting city of Mumbai. She works as a sales manager at WhiteHat Jr. She has a zeal for writing and loves to sing and dance to the beats of music. It allows her to express herself freely. She finds solace in exploring new places and travels to different locations. 

Living and growing up with your family can be a whole other experience, a whirlwind of emotions, laughter with siblings, and chaos all over, with a cherry of love on top. Ricka lives with her family, creating endless memories of joy and occasional family chaos.

Ricka has always been practical in life. She started working early and understood the struggles of life. She loved her pet the most and missed him a lot.

Our childhood can be harsh, unlike others. It is the most memorable part of one’s life. Ricka’s story reminds us that our childhood experiences, no matter how hard or challenging they may be hold the potential for resilience and regrowth. Her story serves as an inspiration to others facing their adversities. 

In 2019, Ricka lost her pet, suffering from kidney failure. Losing a loved one can be difficult. It takes time to recover from the loss. 

“My previous organisation was very toxic. I had to come to work the day I buried my pet.”

Unhealthy working conditions can get treacherous. Sales is altogether a different arena. There is immense pressure to make the maximum sales for the organisation. 

“I did not express my emotions much which resulted in accumulation. I had severe anxiety attacks that made the road ahead difficult.” 

She took measures to deal with what she was going through. It’s a process and takes time. Patience is the key to getting out of such situations with constant efforts to become better than the previous day.  

“I was introduced to YourDOST by my organisation. YourDOST had partnered with WhiteHat Jr. to look after the mental peace of their working employees.”

She needed someone to listen to her problems without judging her. Her friends could not help. She feared the judgemental looks of her friends. She took a leap of faith and started to discuss her problems with YourDOST experts.

Ricka found solace and hope in the form of Ms. Ashna, a guiding light amidst the storm.  She connected with Ashna and built trust between them, which helped her to unravel her tangled emotions.  

“I maintained my anonymity for nearly two months into the sessions. Finally, Ashna asked if she could know her name. I had become more comfortable by then.”

Ashna recommended some practical techniques to Ricka that helped her discover new paths and understanding. She insisted on question-and-answer sessions, which guided her to explore more about the world. It was an opportunity to self-exploration. 

One of the transformative techniques suggested was to practice counting things that brought happiness in her life. It was equally important to identify the triggers that ignited anger within her. The practice served as a reminder of whether it is important to be angry about something or if it’s just a waste of time and energy.

When you observe the world from a different perspective, you find solutions to many of your problems. It makes a visible difference mentally in the long run.  

Counselors have always been empathetic because of their warmth. We just like to be heard and feel validated. It also boosts our confidence. Ricka experienced the same and felt similar emotions. 

Ricka could see the wave of changes in her life. She had grown a lot stronger mentally and was relaxed. She evolved to become carefree of what others think about her.

Now that she has broken the shackles of what people may think or say, she’s a free bird to touch the sky. She is looking forward to being a better person than ever before. 

She rates herself a solid 4 out of 5 in terms of getting better. 

Rickas’s Warrior Tips:
1.“Start taking mental health issues seriously and stop stigmatisation. Our mind is an integral part of our body. It deserves the right treatment.”
2.“A message to men, stop asking your friends or best buddies to listen to your problems. They have their things to deal with.”
3.“Be an advocate for counseling. It is something that can only make our lives more beautiful and offer a perspective we might need.”

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