Catalyst of Change: Adithya’s Path to Emotional Wellness Through Counseling

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Ayodhya, is a land where heritage thrives and whispers of history echo through time. Its history is woven with threads of legend and myth, inspiring us with the richness of our past. Imagine a city as an ethereal melody, each note resonating with tales older than memory itself, and every street a poetic stanza penned by the hands of countless eras.

Ayodhya is a celestial canvas where the past paints its dreams in hues of gold, where the river of time flows, carrying the weight of epics and the fragrance of forgotten flowers. Here, every cobblestone is a storyteller, every crumbling wall a philosopher, and every sunrise a symphony, unveiling the enigma of a city where myths become metaphors and history is etched in the very soul of the streets.

Ayodhya, where time stands still, yet whispers secrets to those who listen with the heart.

Meet Adithya Pandey, a 26-year-old with a zest for life, hailing from Ayodhya.

With a Master’s degree from NIT Allahabad and a B.Tech in Civil Engineering from Ajay Kumar College, Adithya is more than just an academic achiever. His parents, a supportive housewife mom, and an inspiring businessman dad, form the foundation of his aspirations.

“My dad is my ideal figure, and I aspire to become like him.”

Beyond the academic realm, Adithya is a multifaceted individual. A voracious reader with a philosophical bent, he explores the culinary world and seeks answers to life’s questions with unwavering curiosity.

Adithya’s journey with counseling began when he faced severe anger issues, exacerbated by the heartbreaking loss of his grandmother. The emotional turmoil left him feeling isolated, impacting his relationships. Adithya discovered counseling through his college’s partnership with YourDOST, the official mental health partner.

“Dealing with my grandma’s loss was heart-breaking. I felt alone and stranded.”

Adithya articulated that it was around this time he felt that he needed to speak with somebody to help him through the grief and decided to seek therapy with YourDOST. 

Ms. Sudha, Adithya’s compassionate counselor, played a pivotal role in his healing journey.
He booked his first session with her and began his journey with counseling, ever since.

“Talking to my counselor was like a safe space for me, and it felt like I always had somebody to speak to.”

Ms. Sudha recommended therapeutic techniques, including journaling, and guided Adithya through personalized book readings.

“I looked at Ms. Sudha like a mentor; I never had.”
Initially sceptical, Adithya soon realized the power of counseling.

“Without therapy, my life would have been a tragic story. It helped me prioritize better, learn things about myself, and nourish my inner child.”

He emphasized the importance of giving oneself time and space for progress to unfold.

Adithya’s Warrior Tips:
1. “Always take time to express. It doesn’t have to just be about your problems, but start by speaking how you feel and things will slowly start changing.”
2.“Therapy is the bridge between your friends and family. You” be surprised by the amount of goodness it can deliver.”

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