Breaking Free From Anxiety to Self-Acceptance With YourDOST: This is Gaurav’s Story

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Gaurav, 21 years old belongs to Tiruchirappalli, the heart of Tamil Nadu. An ancient city, steeped in history and religion, it has long been a destination for pilgrims seeking spiritual fulfilment. With a keen interest in learning about human behaviours. He is a Psychology student from Krea University. He grew up in Chennai but oscillated to and fro to make special memories in his formative years. 

Gaurav has different interests to try his creativity at. He loves to read books to feel the power of words and pen down his thoughts. He is an aesthete (someone who loves and appreciates art) and loves to try his hands at it. Flowing with the beats of music is also something that he enjoys. 

Gaurav gave an insight into his family dynamics. He shares an amicable relationship with his mother and maternal family. He is still exploring his relationship with his father. He struggled to find himself fitting into his paternal family. At his own pace, he got close to his cousins. 

Gaurav talks about his roots and his connection with mixed culture. He is half Tamilian, half Malyali with some touch of Delhi. This diverse culture widened his perspective and helped him become an informed individual. 

“I happen to identify myself as a part of the LGBTQ community and my dad is a strong stereotypical man. It wasn’t difficult coming out but it surely created a rift between us.” 

Gaurav was in college pursuing engineering even though he wasn’t interested in exploring careers in this field. He had dropped out of college after discussing with his parents about his interest. 

Home is the sanctuary where we can relax, recharge, and be our authentic selves. It’s our comfort and safe space to be in. Gaurav felt differently about his home and expressed how it raised his anxiety.  

“I know it’s weird to say but I never liked my home. I feel there’s always been a negative energy because of my dad’s strictness. I was always walking on eggshells around him. Because of all this, I associated it negatively.” 

The isolation of the pandemic exacerbated his anxiety, sending it to new heights Gaurav desperately sought help and tried very hard. 

He was introduced to psychodrama therapy (a person dramatises a personal problem or conflict, usually in front of a group of other therapy participants).

“The group setting didn’t work out as I needed a personal setting to understand my anxiety and learn how to deal with it.”

Due to the pandemic, colleges shifted to online modes to begin the academic sessions. The second year of college welcomed students to the campus. It was very overwhelming for Gaurav and wasn’t a great experience. 

Gaurav found himself to be at the lowest point of his life. Cracks began to appear in his relationships, causing fissures that threatened to separate him from those he cared about. He found himself alone and adrift, broken by the loss of the relationships that had once been his lifelines. It was as if the ground beneath him had given way, leaving him to fall into a dark abyss of isolation.

“I struggled to find my people, to connect with others on a deeper level and form lasting friendships. It felt like I was wandering in a desert, searching for an oasis of belonging.”

Gaurav realised how his college signed up with YourDOST. He embarked on a transformation journey by contacting the platform and started therapy sessions with YourDOST. He was fortunate enough to connect with Ms. Anusuya.

Anusuya became his guiding light in the darkness. Leading up the path ahead with a torch up her sleeves helped Gaurav to bring him out of his misery. 

“I will forever be grateful to Anusuya. She is the most brilliant person I have ever met in my life. She helped me flipping my life around which was a game changer for me.” 

Anusuya recommended Gaurav to self-analyse and accept the way he has been throughout. Practising breathing exercises and journaling his thoughts in the process helped in taming down the anxiety. 

Gaurav overcame his anxiety and fluffled his wings of self-confidence. He regained his self-esteem and has learned to deal with various emotions while maintaining calm and inner peace. 

Gaurav rated himself a solid 4 out of 5 in terms of getting better post-therapy sessions. He feels more lively and eased to have come this far in his transition journey.

Gaurav’s Warrior Tips:
1. “No matter how strong you would be, we all need someone to lean on, a shoulder to cry on. It can be your friend, your family even your boss. Find yourself that one person who you can be unconditionally with to have the conversation that you’re embarrassed or afraid to talk about.”
2.“Believe in yourself. Humans can do wonders with their capabilities and these are just emotions. Deal with them with care and utmost attention.”

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