Avinash’s Story of Finding Balance and Solace With The Help of Therapy

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Mumbai is the dream city of India. It is the nation’s financial capital—the continuous oscillation of Mumbai locals and the fight against time to make it to office. Life here is fast if you blink you’ll miss it. 

Avinash was born and raised in Mumbai and feels connected to its streets. It has been 33 years since he has seen the city grow while he was growing. He pursued an MBA from KJ Somaiya Institute of Management and has worked for 10 years as an IT analyst. 

Avinash loves reading books and also writes his heart out. He also has a keen eye for looking at the world and thus enjoys capturing it forever using the camera.

Talking about his family, Avinash shared a deep relationship with his father. Surprisingly he looks like his father and has similar behavioural patterns. It had been a few years since his father had passed away, but the loss was still fresh in his mind. While the pain of losing his father had never gone away, he had learned to live with it over time.

Avinash feels distant from his mother because of contrasting viewpoints. He also has an elder brother with whom the relationship is improving. If the family equilibrium is disturbed, it creates unwanted conflicts. 

Avinash had his challenges to deal with on top of that, the family dynamics was another hitch. Family can be your biggest supporter or pillar of strength at crucial times, but it can also be your most extensive critique. 

Avinash was struggling with his family relationships. Everyone has flaws, and it takes effort from both sides to maintain a healthy relationship. But when the efforts aren’t equal, cracks start to appear that can pull the family apart. 

The stress that builds up at work can have far-reaching consequences. It’s not just anger that can result, but a whole range of negative emotions. If we don’t find healthy ways to express these emotions, they can build up until they reach a boiling point, like a volcano ready to erupt. 

It’s important to find healthy ways to express and manage our emotions, for our well-being.

“I had anger management issues. I wanted to get control over it. Anger affects you deeply. It’s unhealthy.” 

A study reveals that 24% of people are stressed due to the work pressure in India. Work stress is on the rise, considering the shift in the working style and new industry standards.

During the pandemic, he needed help and support and was connected to a psychologist to seek help. He realised that his organisation had partnered with YourDOST to provide counseling services to all the employees.  

Avinash skimmed through various counselor to find the perfect one to help him. He found his match and connected with Ms. Sagarika Palo to get solutions for his situation. Sagarika became his guiding light to pull him out of the tunnel. 

“I just wanted to be heard and that’s what counselors at YourDOST offered. I was glad to have taken this major step and my life has changed for good.” 

Sagarika knew that Avinash was overwhelmed and struggling to process his emotions healthily. So, she offered him some techniques to try, like deep breathing exercises, practising assertive communication and visualisation.

Avinash felt the changes post-therapy sessions. It was a new beginning for him. His calm and composed self helped him to initiate improving relations with his close ones. His efforts brought changes that he sought for his betterment and self-improvement. 

Avinash rates himself a 3 out of 5 in terms of getting better and believes in bridging the gap that was building. He has felt better than ever and wishes that he will soar high coping with all the work and family situations. 

Avinash’s Warrior Tips:
1. “Sincerely follow all the exercises that are recommended to you to see the changes that you wish for.”
2.“If your pocket allows, consider taking therapy once to get clarity over life. One should think ahead and make crucial decisions. You will know it only when you try it yourself.”
3.“Don’t hesitate to step out of your cocoon you’ll face new things only when you take that first step.”

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