Aryan’s Journey of Breaking His Shyness Shell and Blooming Naturally With The Help of Therapy.

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Aryan, a dedicated Master’s student at NIT Surat, had erected emotional walls around himself like an impenetrable fortress. A 23-year-old introverted soul, Aryan’s world revolves around his passion for reading books, creating beautiful paintings, and enjoying movies. His life, marked by frequent family relocations, has been a unique journey.

Born in Nagpur, he embarked on a journey that took him from Delhi to Haryana, with brief respites in Pune, before landing in Surat. Every relocation and transfer added layers to his travel diary. When his parents settled in Raipur, it felt like yet another chapter in his nomadic life.

Growing up as an introvert with strict parents posed a unique set of challenges. For a young man who found socialising daunting, every move to a new place meant starting from scratch. Relocating and rebuilding your life can be challenging, but it’s also an opportunity for growth. When you start over, you have the chance to create something new and better.

Aryan’s life has been a constant cycle of change and readjustment. Separating from one situation and starting over in another has been a recurring pattern for him.

Aryan’s transformational journey began when he reached grade 11. Until then, he had been wary of forming close attachments, viewing people as temporary in his life. College was where he began to unravel the complexities of life. Life had been a struggle for him, as he was determined to get his research paper published. Despite facing many obstacles, he refused to yield and kept trying.

Amid his academic pursuits, Aryan nursed an infatuation for a batchmate, a silent longing that added another layer of complexity to his life. Growing attachments with people or places was never his cup of tea. He had fallen for her but the universe had planned a long road ahead for him. 

Rejections were another hitch in his career which added more to his troubles. Sharing his emotional stature was again an ask in itself. His parents had no idea about his emotional turbulence, also because he did not mention it to them. 

Aryan received an email from his college regarding mental health and services. Deciding to seek professional help was a tough call and it didn’t come easy it surely requires a lot of courage especially for Aryan to understand his needs. 

“I confessed about my feelings to ease off my emotions. I wrote an email about my feelings. I felt that this was the dumbest thing that I had ever done. I suffered panic attacks.”

Aryan’s struggles were up to the brim and needed professional help. Ms Krishna Das helped and pulled him out from the self-doubts clouds hovering over his head. 

“Ms Krishna helped me through the rough phases of my life. I had made a lot of things awkward with a lot of people. Her systematic approach was a plus as it aligned with mine. It helped me and I enjoyed going through the process. It was made easier by my counselor.”

Krishna suggested some effective techniques to follow to cope with the emotional turbulence. Talking to people around was of great help for him, though it was difficult coming from Aryan who likes to stay in his shell. 

“I will forever be thankful to Ms Krishna for helping me to open up and express my emotions better. If it hadn’t been for her, it would have made me sick and emotions would have bottled up for the worst.”

Aryan feels much more alive and better post-therapy. He feels his decision to seek therapy changed his world for good completely. He rates a solid 4 out of 5 in terms of getting better. 

The values and lessons that he learned from his transformation journey will forever be cherished by him. He wishes to grow his knowledge to understand this world better from a new perspective. 

Aryan’s Warrior Tips:
1.“Things can change and there is no guarantee that the flow will remain the same. No matter how life turns out, we will always have to adapt and accept moving forward.”
2.“Remember, you’re always one step away from getting help, walking that one step would eventually seem very difficult but things would start to change post that.”

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