Here’s How Anamika Picked Herself Up And Found Strength Through Therapy.

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“Resilience is knowing that you are the only one with the power and the responsibility to pick yourself up.” 

Mary Holloway

In a world bustling with life stories, Anamika’s one that shines bright. She is 23 years old and is pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree as a Law Student. 

Anamika is the eldest of three children and comes from a loving and supportive family. She revels in a life comprising various activities like outdoor sports, dancing, debating, and reading books. 

“Growing up, I was very extroverted as a child. I used to love playing with my friends, not caring what others thought of me.” 

 “When we are children, we seldom think of the future. This innocence leaves us free to enjoy ourselves as few adults can. The day we fret about the future is the day we leave our childhood behind.”

Patrick Rothfuss, The Name of the Wind.  

As she grew older, Anamika noticed the once carefree spirit that she lived with started to fade away. From being an outgoing, extroverted child, she slowly started growing to be more reserved and began questioning her abilities. She started struggling to cope with her daily activities and yearned for stability in her life. 

“I could barely focus every day. That was never something I used to struggle with earlier. I also felt anxious, as if I had no control over my emotions.” 

Breakup wounds, the pressure of her studies, and the struggle to maintain a work-life balance were some challenges. 

There were many nights when Anamika couldn’t fall asleep, disturbed by the detachment she was experiencing. She felt she was on autopilot, navigating through life’s storm without a clear compass. 

“I didn’t feel ready to share about how I felt. I was worried that no one would understand me, so I kept these feelings to myself.” 

Anamika’s friend could see that she was distressed and thought it would be a good idea for her to reach out to a counselor. 

“My friend worked at BYJU’s and she informed me that they had a partnership with YourDOST. That’s when I decided to begin counseling.” 

She mentions that turning towards therapy was one of her best decisions. She began to understand the root causes of her feelings. 

Anamika mentioned that her counselor, Ms. Rakshita was patient and a great listener. Together, they developed a safe space for Anamika to be truly vulnerable and honest with her feelings.

Under Ms. Diya’s guidance, Anamika discovered tools to navigate her emotional seas. The “before-sleep” meditation was like a soothing lullaby, providing a peaceful routine that calmed her restless mind. 

Slowly, she began to feel better, her spirit becoming lighter like a feather in the wind. 

“Another technique that helped me was box-breathing. It helped calm me down whenever I felt anxious, I continue to follow it.” 

Though it was Anamika’s first time approaching counseling, she was determined to make changes in her life and did everything she could to keep an open mind and heart. 

She also learned the importance of physical exercise in maintaining a healthy mind. Each suggestion from her counselor was a stepping stone towards her healing, and she followed them with unwavering determination. 

“My counselor has helped me become a better, stronger version of myself. I’m extremely thankful for the safe space she created and all the tools she provided me.” 

As she reflected on her journey, Anamika rated herself a perfect 5 out of 5 in terms of feeling better. She emerged from the storm, not just as a survivor but as a warrior, ready to face life’s challenges with grace, courage, and the knowledge that she held the power to write her own story, one step at a time. 

Anamika’s Warrior Tips:
1.“Be gentle with yourself. It’s okay to make mistakes sometimes. Just remember that every mistake is a learning lesson for the future.”
2.“Talk to the people around you about how you feel. It will help you realise that you are never alone.”

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