Finding Clarity in Life’s Maze: This is Manu’s Journey of Transformation.

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Hailing from a town near Agra, Manu is a 28-year-old resilient individual currently working as a Senior Data scientist. Like a seed planted in fertile soil, Manu’s life began to take root, unaware of the magnificent growth that lay ahead. 

He completed his schooling up to 10th grade in this town and then decided to move out of his hometown to pursue further studies. With dreams as vast as the sky, Manu embarked on a journey to the revered city of Rajasthan, where the air was thick with the scent of aspirations and the fervour of knowledge. 

He dedicated three years to the pursuit of excellence in preparation for the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE). He then studied at the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. Currently, he works as a Data Scientist at Great Learning. 

“I love trying new things, even if I am not good at it. There are so many different hobbies that interest me, and I enjoy spending time working on them.”

Manu enjoys playing different outdoor sports, especially cricket and badminton. He also spends his free time reading books and playing guitar. 

Yet, beneath this adventurous exterior, he longed for a sense of structure and purpose in his life. 

“Last year, I went through a phase where I felt lost. There was a lack of routine in my day-to-day activities making me question if I was spending my time productively.“ 

After Manu began working in his first company, he experienced something completely unexpected. 

“My company was laying people off in my firm, making me anxious and uncertain. I started to resent my work but didn’t know what other options were available.” 

This lack of assurance led to a whirlwind of existential questions in his mind. He started to wonder if this was the right job for him, spiralling into a series of negative thoughts.

Manu felt his adventurous spirit wither away through the days at his workplace. He was slowly losing the determination and courage that drove his personality and questioned his sense of purpose. 

Not long after, Manu began working for a company known as Interview Kickstart. He was introduced to YourDOST through this company that came as a beacon of guidance and hope. 

Determined to make resolutions and regain the passion and energy that he once had, Manu decided to book his first counseling session with Ms Hiba. 

“Ms. Hiba is extremely patient and understanding. She actively listened to me at a time when that was what I needed most.” 

Like a skilled sailor attuned to the whispers of the wind, she recognised the need for structure in Manu’s life. With gentle guidance, she encouraged him to take things one step and one day at a time. 

Ms Hiba advised Manu to begin his day with simple morning activities, like walking and exercising. These were like the first few steps of a long journey, gradually building strength and resilience. 

To keep him motivated, Ms. Hiba introduced the concept of rewarding themselves after accomplishing each task. Notably, this didn’t just aid his mental well-being and confidence; he also enhanced his physical health and started to feel much more optimistic about his future. 

“I also kept aside time in my daily routine to read positive books. It helped me uplift my mood and maintain a positive attitude.” 

Looking back on his voyage, Manu expresses gratitude for the opportunity to converse with Ms. Hiba. 

“The techniques my counselor has provided me with have helped me gain more confidence and hope for the future. I’m grateful to her for helping me navigate that phase of uncertainty and come out stronger.” 

Manu rates himself 5 out of 5 in terms of feeling better. We are beyond inspired by his spirit and wish him all the best in his future endeavours! 

Manu’s Warrior Tips:
1.“Be patient with yourself and trust in the future. Don’t be hard on yourself, instead embrace the positive things in your life.”
2.“Reach out to a counselor. You can speak to them without any fear of judgment and be your most vulnerable self.”

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