Here’s How Salma Discovered Counseling As A Song of Resilience and Healing.

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In the serene landscapes of Allepey, Southern Kerala, a story of resilience, growth, and transformation unfolds. Salma is a woman whose life journey has taken her from a young, fragile child to a strong and influential advocate for mental health. 

Salma is 32 years old, with a bachelor’s degree in computer science engineering, and was employed as an Academic Specialist at BYJU’s. Currently, she is exploring another interest in the field of content as an Instructional Designer. Beneath her professional career lies a passionate music lover who found solace in melodies that spanned different moments in her life. 

“You can always catch me listening to music at any moment of the day. It is something that I have always loved to do.” 

With almost 40,000 minutes logged on Spotify last year, it is clear that music is not just a hobby for Salma- it’s a lifeline that heals and rejuvenates her spirit.

“My journey growing up had its ups and downs. Though there were many times that I cherished with my family and my friends, I constantly felt compared by my teachers. This affected my body image, as well as my self-confidence, and I became very submissive.”

As Salma’s journey continued, the chapters of her story flowed seamlessly. She was blessed with a daughter who is the apple of her eye. However, there was a turning point in her life that introduced a phase of trauma. 

“For eight years of marriage, I was a victim of domestic violence by my husband. He and I are now separated, but there was a lot of trauma that I had been through.”

After the separation, Salma found herself navigating a world of emotional turmoil. Hidden beneath the surface was a sensitivity that would later become her strength. The wounds from her marriage were deep, and she was determined to forge through the hardships.

The echoes of her childhood insecurities resurfaced in her relationship. Her submissive nature, once a hallmark of her personality, became the armor she shed as she learned to reclaim her strength. 

In her quest for healing, Salma embarked upon her journey through her Institute’s partnership with YourDOST. This decision built a bridge from the past to a future of self-discovery and empowerment. 

Her therapist, Ms. Diya shone as a beacon of guidance. 

“Ms. Diya has helped me in more ways than I can count. With her guidance and empathy, I’ve been exploring my childhood experiences and identifying my patterns.” 

Rather than providing the answers herself, Ms. Diya nurtured the blossoming of solutions from within. Just as a lotus finds its way to the surface through the muddied waters, the survivor found her resilience. 

With each counseling session, the tangles in Salma’s mind began to unravel.

Her healing journey extended beyond herself, embracing her daughter’s needs and mental health. Furthermore, the survivor’s voice became an advocate for the unspoken battles that many wage silently. 

“I am very vocal about the importance of mental health.I believe that it is something that should always be prioritised, no matter what.”

Salma’s transformation was one which was apparent in every aspect of her life. Overthinking, a once-dominant trait, slowly morphed into practical thinking. Trust issues, which once took over her life blossomed into a cautious yet optimistic outlook on life. 

Now, as she stands at the intersection of her past and present, she emerged as a resilient warrior and continues to spread this positivity to those around her. She uses her experiences to inspire others to believe in themselves and embrace their unique strengths. 

“Talking to Ms. Diya was probably the best decision I’ve made in my life. She has amazing techniques that have helped me so much in my journey to become the cheerful, resilient person I am today.”

As her chapters continue to unfold, Salma’s story reminds us that the human spirit, like music, has the power to heal, inspire, and uplift. She rates herself a 6 out of 5 in terms of feeling better after her counseling sessions. We are beyond proud of her journey of growth and healing, and we wish her a lifetime of courage and hope. 

Salma’s Warrior Tips:
1.“Acknowledging your challenges is the first step to overcoming them. Try your best to be aware of your mental health, and ask for help when you need it.”
2.“Write down small, realistic goals for yourself, and always believe that you can achieve them. Believing in yourself is the most powerful thing you can do.”

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