A Journey Of Loss And Triumph: This is Mahesh’s Story.

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Mahesh is a 29-year-old, passionate, and hardworking individual currently residing in Kalyan, Maharashtra. From a journey of engineering to being a math tutor at BYJU, his story is one of dedication, pain, and personal growth, 

Outside the classroom, Mahesh enjoys playing football and listening to music. He also loves watching movies and created a blog where he delved into a world of movie reviews. 

“I have very good memories of my childhood. I’ve always been a positive, outgoing child who loved interacting with others.” 

However, that positivity was challenged when an unexpected hurdle was brought to his life.

Some things are so unexpected in life that you could never prepare yourself for them. The pages of Mahesh’s story are marked by the profound loss of his father to cancer. 

This tragedy, a pivotal point in his life, pushed him into adulthood much earlier than the rest of his peers. 

“I started working when I was still in high school. I had to make sure I could help support my family during this time.”

As his father’s health deteriorated, Mahesh appeared as a pillar of strength, a young boy harbouring dreams while bearing the weight of responsibilities beyond his years. The image of his hero’s struggle remained etched in his memory, propelling him forward with a determination to make his father proud. 

“Along with helping my dad, I also had to balance my college work and the jobs I was doing. I was a young boy trying to be the man of the house.”

Mahesh mentions that after losing his father, he suppressed his emotions to a very large extent. He felt that there would be no one who understood his feelings, and as a result, he kept them to himself. 

The pandemic in 2020 brought its share of heartbreak and financial turmoil in Mahesh’s life, acting as a mirror reflecting the depths of his suppressed grief. 

“I realised that I was using my work as a way to avoid dealing with my feelings. I knew that this was unhealthy, so that’s when I thought I’d try counseling.”

Mahesh learnt that his company, BYJU’s, had a partnership with YourDOST which led him to find his counselor Ms. Anusuya. 

His meeting with compassionate Ms. Anusuya transformed his perspective on life. Through their sessions, Mahesh realised that true strength comes from accepting oneself, flaws, and all. Her empathetic listening and gentle guidance provided him with a safe space to unburden his heart. 

Journaling is a habit that allows us to let out, and reflect on our feelings and thoughts. Ms. Anusuya introduced Mahesh to the healing power of this technique of journaling. Through writing down his thoughts, he was able to untangle the thoughts that he had been suppressing over the years. 

As the ink flowed, so did his heart, cleansing his emotional palette and making space for growth.

“I went through a breakup during lockdown which led to a lot of pain. As I reflected on my feelings through counseling, I realized that I needed to be there for myself before anyone else.” 

This revelation empowered him to cultivate self-reliance and self-love, recognizing that his capacity to care for others is intertwined with his ability to care for himself. 

“There’s a quote I read which I love- The act of selfless is sometimes selfish, and is the best kind of selfish you can be.”

This profound wisdom encapsulates his evolution from a young man who carried the weight of his father’s loss and the responsibilities that came with it to a beacon of strength, teaching us that the path to healing and empowerment begins with embracing oneself. 

“I’m extremely grateful to Ms. Anusuya for always listening to me and making me feel safe. Her techniques have helped me embrace a new perspective in my life.”

Mahesh’s story resonates with the human spirit’s capacity to endure, adapt and thrive. He rates himself with a 4 out of 5 in terms of feeling better, and continues to be an inspiration for all of us! 

Mahesh’s Warrior Tips:
1.“It’s good to keep yourself busy, but not to the extent where you avoid confronting your emotions. It’s important to take the time to reflect on how you are feeling and know when you need help.”
2.“Self-love is the best kind of love. Be there for yourself, only then can you learn to truly be there for others.”

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