Here’s How Jerome Found Clarity And Confidence In Himself Through Therapy.

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Jerome was born and raised in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.  His story is a captivating one and is a testament to self-discovery and the power of seeking guidance. 

He is currently 20 years old and is pursuing his Bachelor’s Degree from Vellore Institute of Technology. A kind-hearted, brave individual with a passion for writing stories and traveling to different places. 

There was one more thing in his life that was very special to him- his family. In the cozy embrace of his home, love flowed abundantly. 

“I have a great relationship with my family. They have been very loving and caring for as long as  I can remember.” 

Jerome’s childhood, however, was not without its share of storms. His parents, well-meaning and eager to secure his future, wanted him to join a coaching institute. But little did they know that this decision would stir up a tempest of stress and confusion in Jerome’s young mind. 

Amidst the chaos, Jerome wanted some clarity. He also found himself at a crossroads when it came to his future. 

“I didn’t know if it was a better decision for me to stay in India or to move abroad for my further studies. I kept going back and forth between the two and it felt like an impossible decision to make.”

The decision eluded him like a distant shore on a foggy morning, and he longed for a guiding light to pierce through the confusion. 

Unfortunately, this confusion didn’t end for Jerome there. 

“I was having some trouble with the relationships in my life. There was a point in time when people who were really important to me left my life suddenly.” 

As we grow older, our lives become more and more complicated. Whether it’s our academics, our careers, the relationships we have, and the expectations that come with it. 

Doubts and insecurities clouded Jerome’s mind, and he wondered if counseling could be the compass he needed to find his way. Knowing that his university had a partnership with YourDOST, he decided to give therapy a try.  

Two counselors appeared as beacons of hope in Jerome’s mind: Ms. Radhika and Ms.Sanjana. These counselors, like steady lighthouses in the distance, extended their hands to guide him through this period of confusion. 

“Counseling was something that was completely new to me at the time. Both Ms. Radhika and Ms. Sanjana were extremely patient and understanding, and helped create a safe space for me to open up.” 

Jerome’s counselor helped him with different aspects of his life. Ms. Radhika helped him navigate the treacherous waters of decision-making. She equipped him with techniques to calm his mind and make the decisions that were best for his well-being. 

Through her guidance, Jerome began to see the path ahead with much more clarity and relief. 

“After a few sessions, I knew exactly what I needed to do for myself. Ms.Radhika’s techniques helped me prioritise myself while making decisions.”

Ms. Sanjana, on the other hand, served as Jerome’s anchor while he was trying to mend his relationships. She taught him the invaluable lesson that closure need not always be sought externally. 

They say that closure happens when you accept to go and moving forward is more important than holding onto what could have been. This was a hard pill to swallow for Jerome, but it gave him a lot of peace.

“Ms. Sanjana helped me understand that there will always be unanswered questions, and that’s perfectly okay. This realisation helped me make peace with a lot of doubts I had.” 

The positive changes in Jerome’s life transformed his perspective entirely. Clarity enveloped him like a gentle breeze, and peace washed over him as he made confident decisions about his future. He emerged from counseling not as a different person, but as a truer version of himself. 

With a heart brimming with gratitude, Jerome looked back on his journey, realizing that he was no longer the confused soul he once was. The once tumultuous waters of his mind now mirrored the serenity of a tranquil lake. 

He offers his gratitude to both Ms. Radhika and Ms. Sanjana- 

“I have gained so much clarity through my counseling sessions and it has given me a lot of relief. I’m so grateful to my counselors for their patience and willingness to help.” 

Jerome rates himself a solid 4 out of 5 in terms of feeling better. He believes that improvement is all about your mindset towards life, and is ever-ready for the growth that’s to come. 

Jerome’s Warrior Tips:
1.“When you are making a big decision, write down lists of advantages and disadvantages. This will help you clear the fog in your mind.”
2.“Remember that everything happens for a reason. You may not have closure from other people, but it is important to focus on moving forward with your life.”

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