This is How Aneesh Steered His Life In The Right Direction Through Counseling.

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Here’s the story of a young, brave man who, with grace and courage, picked himself up every time life knocked him down.

Aneesh is currently 23 years old and an alumnus student from the Indian Institute of Technology (BHU). He bears the marks of a true explorer as he has grown up in many different parts of India. 

Though traveling to different places perhaps is an exciting endeavor for some people, it’s not always easy, especially when you’re a child. Aneesh was constantly the ‘new kid’ in school, making it difficult for him to find his true identity. 

He’s well-versed in many different hobbies, veering from sketching and reading to playing almost every sport that he could think of. 

“One of my greatest interests is learning. I love to acquire new knowledge about absolutely anything, especially science and technology.” 

Being an older sibling comes with certain responsibilities and expectations. Aneesh mentions that though he had a great relationship with his family, being an older sibling had impacted his character in ways he only realized much later in life. 

“I realized that I need to be in charge of everything. If things weren’t going according to my control, I would start to feel helpless.”

Aneesh loved to stay in control of things happening around him. He steered his boat in a way where he could avoid crashing into anything that could be an obstacle. 

However, a hard pill to swallow is the fact that we can’t ever truly have complete control over what happens in life. We can steer ourselves, but ultimately, the wind pushes us to places. 

“I started to feel like a storm was coming my way. Things were going wrong in most of my relationships with friends and family. I also felt very stressed when it came to academics.” 

Moreover, his family had a challenging time during the pandemic. He lost his grandfather tragically, and the burden became almost unbearable. 

“I could not accept that I didn’t have control over the things happening. I started to become very ego-centric and it affected my relationships around me.” 

Storms are a natural part of our ecosystem. Though they come with thunder and lightning, they’re also a time for growth and beginning again. 

Similarly, Aneesh decided to take this as an opportunity to change his perspective and start fresh. Knowing he didn’t have to do this alone, he embraced counseling as a part of his journey. 

He mentioned that he heard about YourDOST through his university, which is how he began his healing process. 

“My counselor, Ms. Meera helped me change my life. Like a perfect guiding lamp, she would help me discover the answers to my questions.”

Ms. Meera knew that Aneesh loved to read about science and used those topics to help relate to him. He found himself fascinated by her techniques, making him determined to try them.

“Ms. Meera was extremely understanding and patient with me. She embraced my ideas too, and that helped instill a sense of confidence in me.”

With her help, Aneesh started to feel like he could slowly let go of his need for control. He grew into a more confident, patient, and empathetic version of himself. 

“I used to have a very strong fear of failure. Now, with the help of my counselor, I have learned to believe in my abilities and that is a liberating feeling.”

We’re the authors of our own stories. With every passing day comes an opportunity to grow. Aneesh decided to write his growth chapters and has progressed into a resilient, courageous individual. 

He rates himself a 4 out of 5 in terms of feeling better, and we are beyond excited to see him write the next chapters of his life!

Aneesh’s Warrior Tips:
1. “No matter how tough life gets, don’t forget that everything is a learning experience.”
2.“Ask for help when you need it. There will always be support around you.”

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