Here’s How Bharati Found Inner Peace and Balance In Her Life Through Counseling.

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From the state of Rajasthan, the land of forts and palaces hails Bharati. She is a 25-year-old determined young woman currently pursuing her degree in Neuropathy and Yogic Sciences. 

This individual, whose identity resonates with the harmony of yoga, embarked on a journey that mirrored the graceful flow of asanas, seeking solace and self-discovery amidst the chaos of life. 

Bharati is a very creative, passionate individual who loves to read in her free time. She is also an Internationally Certified Yoga Instructor, mentioning that Yoga is one of her greatest passions. 

For a long time, Bharati found herself entangled in a relationship that drained her spirit like a never-ending battle against gravity. Just as a yoga pose demands unwavering balance and strength, her relationship demanded obedience and submission, leaving her trapped and helpless. 

“My partner was extremely dominating in our relationship. He would also abuse me at times, making me extremely anxious and fearful.”

Toxic relationships can make us feel trapped, and as if we are never truly good enough. This relationship held her captive, stifling her voice and having a negative impact on her confidence and self-esteem.

It was as if she had been bound in a constricting asana, unable to break free. She felt lost and could not see any light at the end of the tunnel. 

Walking away from a toxic relationship is one of the bravest and smartest things one can do. Bharati, with great courage to make a change, decided to leave this relationship and begin a journey of discovering herself. yog

During this time, Bharati turned to her friend for comfort and support. Through this friend, Bharati discovered YourDOST and began to wonder if she should give therapy a try. 

“My friend is a great advocate for therapy and encouraged me to give it a try. His university, Gujarat National Law University, had a partnership with YourDOST, and that’s how he could help me book my first session with my therapist.”

Bharati mentions that while she was still in the same relationship, she struggled with self-expression. This was a fear that clouded her mind when she decided to begin counseling. 

“Initially, I found it difficult to talk about what I was going through. Fortunately, my counselor made it so easy for me to open up, and she was such a great listener.” 

Her counselor, Ms. Ashna became her beacon of hope during this time of healing. Through her guidance, Bharati learned to express herself, her words flowing like the breath in a pranayama practice. Ms. Ashna’s wisdom became her mantra, a guiding light on her path to self-discovery. 

Much like a yoga instructor guiding a class into a challenging pose, Ms. Ashna encouraged her to journal her thoughts, connect with others, and embrace the serenity of meditation.

The journey wasn’t always easy for Bharati. Yet, with Ms. Ashna’s support, she began to mend her fractured spirit. Like a yogi who finds strength in a challenging pose, she found the inner resilience to move on from her painful past. 

Slowly, but surely, the colours of life began to brighten again. The hobbies that had once brought her joy were rediscovered, and her lost confidence started to return. 

“I loved speaking with Ms. Ashna every week. She was so comforting, and I truly thought of her as ‘my dost’”. 

Ms. Ashna not only listened to Bharati but also helped her find solutions to the problems she was facing. She encouraged her to take action, to practice the art of self-healing. Ms. Ashna was not just a confidante, but a mentor who led her through the intricate postures of life with grace and wisdom. 

In the realm of yoga, one learns that waiting for change is futile; it is the initiative that ignites transformation. Just as one must take the first step onto the yoga mat, she understood that she had to take control of her life. 

As Bharati’s journey of healing unfolded, she began to feel better, one step at a time. She rates herself a 4.5 out of 5 in terms of feeling better, acknowledging how far she has come. 

The journey is far from over, but she has embarked on a path of self-discovery and healing and has emerged to find strength, resilience, and inner peace. 

Bharati’s Warrior Tips:
1.“Letting go of someone who doesn’t respect you, and doesn’t treat you right is one of the best things you can do.”
2.“Don’t wait for change to happen on its own. Do your best to take initiative in your life, and make the changes you want to see.”

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