Ananya Chose Confidence As Her Weapon Of Defence Through Counseling.

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In the sun-kissed heartland of Maharashtra, where ancient traditions dance in harmony with modern aspirations, lived Ananya, a 19-year-old vibrant and diverse as the land itself. 

She belongs to a land of a tapestry of cultural richness, woven with the threads of Marathi heritage, the spirit of adventure, and the tenacity of a true warrior.

Ananya is pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from the reputed IIT Madras in Tamil Nadu.

While transitioning from school into a new city for education is exciting, it also comes with the fear of fitting in or being exposed to cultural shocks.

“My mom is very protective of me and taking her permission for even the smallest of things became difficult. IIT was my dream, however, I could not go for a reputed coaching centre and ended up having to join something close to home.”

Families are where are roots develop and we become the kind of individuals we become. She comes from a family of four and has a younger brother. There were multiple good and bad experiences she faced while growing up, and her relationship with her father has been evolving with time.

Hobbies have been her safe ground and she finds her energy and purpose here.

 “Every worry of mine begins to fade away when I connect with myself. I do that by spending time drawing, etching calligraphy, and writing.” 

Low confidence was something Ananya mentioned that she was dealing with and this affected her severely. 

For somebody with low confidence, each endeavor becomes an uphill climb, and fear grips their heart, warning them of the inevitable stumble. A heavyweight anchors their spirit, as they yearn for the strength to believe in their abilities once more.

 The once bright flame of ambition flickers, obscured by shadows of inadequacy. Yet, amid their turmoil, a glimmer of hope lingers – a tiny spark that refuses to be extinguished, whispering of the possibility of change and renewal.

Ananya mentioned that her college had a paid subscription with YourDOST, as their mental health partner and she decided to give therapy a shot.

“I booked my first session with my counselor Ms. Ananya Bhattacharya, to discuss my issues regarding low confidence, and academic pressure and improve my overall personality.” 

With the world closing its doors and traversing into an online space, students found it challenging to cope. Ananya felt pressure building and this affected her mental peace. 

She explained that she somehow made it to IIT with minimal support from her coaching classes and teachers, and this is where the real test was awaiting her.

She describes that she grew up being a shy person and became social with time. With her grades dropping the little self-confidence that she had also went for a toss.

“I had faced hardship in terms of low CGPA. This broke me. There were too many distractions, I never had the habit of attending lectures online, I failed two papers and it was terrible. The syllabus was fast-paced and I had no way to go or understand how to handle this situation.” 

Dealing with our deepest failures can put us through severe distress and Ananya felt the same about knowing about her grades. It was around this time did she got in touch with her counselor. 

“I mostly felt helpless on campus dealing with the situation by myself. I would often ask my seniors for help, and some of my classmates also helped me with my doubts.”

Speaking with Ms. Ananya helped her realise her shortcomings and they spoke of several things that had altered her personality. Ananya embarked on a journey of self-discovery, seeking the key to unlocking the door that leads to self-assurance.

She mentioned that she was able to follow through with almost 50% of what she taught her.

“I started feeling light after talking and got new directions and perspectives. Speaking to her helped me feel relieved and focus better on myself.”

Counseling helped Ananya to a great extent. With every obstacle that came her way, she faced it head-on, for she knew she possessed the strength to conquer. She began to celebrate their uniqueness, knowing that it was her true power.

When we asked her to offer a few words of gratitude to her counselor she said: 

“Thank you so much for listening to me and for being there for me to speak and feel good.”

Like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, she felt the shackles of self-doubt fall away, and an overwhelming sense of self-confidence spread its wings within her soul. Ananya rated herself with a 4/5 in terms of feeling better after her counseling session. We wish this gorgeous butterfly to keep flying high and touch horizons. 

Ananya’s Warrior Tips:
1. “Never give up, there are opportunities around you and all that matter is you need to start noticing them.”
2.“Don’t bottle up your emotions. Find someone in your life who you can confide in, whether it is your family, friends or a counselor.”

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