Finding Light in The Shadows With The Help Of Counseling: This is Faisal’s Story.

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Faisal is a 24-year-old pursuing a B.Tech from the Kite Group of Institutions Ghaziabad. Hailing from the picturesque town of Barabanki in Uttar Pradesh, Faisal is responsible and determined towards his end goals. His physical passion for fitness drew him towards the gym and for the adrenaline, he likes to sweat at football. 

In the realm of childhood, we come across the carefree days where you feel light as a feather and move wherever the wind takes you. As time ticks, we find ourselves entangled in never-ending responsibilities and the weight of life. Faisal’s childhood was tough. He dealt with a harsh blow. He had lost his father at the tenderest moments of his life. Being the eldest among his siblings, obligations poured down on him. It was tough for him to cope with that in the initial days.  He managed somehow during his growing-up years.  

Faisal lives with his mother and siblings. He shares a close relationship with all his family members. 

Solitude, they say, is bliss but only for a few, a heaven for those who find solace in their own company. Sometimes being near a soul can be like the glow of moonlight at night. COVID locked all of us inside an enclosed room, leaving no other option. It resulted in a lot of mental stress. It was abnormal to keep all the social animals inside and restrict them from socialising. 

“Ever since covid, my problems started. I began to have negative thoughts and my past troubled me.”

It was depressing for Faisal to spend time alone, away from his family and friends. Isolation intensified his anxiety and fueled the relentless cycle of overthinking. He needed someone to share his feelings and express his emotions. 

Faisal mentioned how his mind wandered in a loop of never-ending thoughts. He was oscillating between his past and the uncertainties of the future, causing him to miss the precious moments in the present. 

“In my 1st year of college, I was a victim of ragging and bullying in college. It disturbed my peace of mind and also left a profound impact on my studies.”

Sometimes, a minor incident gets engraved in our minds and troubles us. Faisal had the same experience. He was unable to get over his past incidents. His friends recognised his tendency to overthink in every situation, acknowledging that it was detrimental to his well-being. 

Faisal started to share how he felt with his friends, which eventually traversed to the head of the department of his college. His HOD recommended consulting YourDOST. 

“I’m thankful to YourDOST for partnering with my institution to provide counseling services to those who need it.” 

He connected with Mr. Chitrang Singh to discuss his issues and step forward towards betterment. His decision to turn around his life with the help of counseling shaped his future.  

Chitrang suggested techniques like focusing on short-term goals and mindfulness and relaxation exercises like breathing. These techniques help you improve your concentration and become more calm and patient. 

Faisal practised these techniques in his daily routine and felt the changes. 

“I would like to thank Mr. Chitrang Singh for leaving an unforgettable impact on my life. I would also like to thank YourDOST for making such a platform to connect with great experts.” 

Within a short period, Faisal sensed the changes and felt better each day with therapy. He felt calmer and more sensible now.  He started to focus more on his goals and work towards achieving them. He shares that therapy or counseling is not magic, it is our initiative to move forward.

Faisal is proud of his improvements till now. He is optimistic about what his future holds. He wants to enjoy every moment in life. He is happy about the little things that happen around him. 

On this transformation journey, Faisal rates an absolute 5 out of 5 in terms of getting better. He feels that he will approach life with optimism. 

Faisal’s’s Warrior Tips:
1.“You should not worry too much about your problems, take it slow and share them with the concerned people.”
2.”Don’t hesitate to seek therapy, when there’s a chance to get better we must take advantage of it.”

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