Amir’s Fascinating Story of How He Decided To Stay Assertive in His Relationships Through Counseling.

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Amir is a 27-year-old lively individual who is pursuing his Master in Business Administration from IIM Lucknow. He finished his Bachelor’s in Engineering and has a professional experience of almost 3 years. 

Amir’s hobbies include building relationships and networking. He enjoys listening to intellectual conversations and also participating in a few from time to time. 

Listening is a trait that a few of us are capable of possessing and Amir was one among this lot, and he explained how it would help him widen his horizons of thinking. He liked it when people listened to his opinion or offered an empathetic ear. 

Amir came to know about the services offered by YourDOST through his college as YourDOST was their official mental health partner. 

He decided to take a few sessions as he was going through a tough phase with his relationship.

“I was in a romantic relationship and felt underappreciated in spite of all the things I did. This made me feel incapable and belittled.” 

It is sometimes interesting how help comes to us in the darkest of times. As Dumbledore puts it: 

“Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light.”

Amir elucidates how looking after the needs and necessities of another person was something new and he could not always provide sufficiently. This would often stir issues between the both of them causing disharmony in their relationship. 

“This got me feeling very low and I was never appreciated for all the things I did. She did not acknowledge my efforts and I felt disrespected.” 

Modern relationships can feel overwhelming for some. When two people come together it is essential to understand the red and green flags and create a breathing environment for both these individuals to come together, accept each other’s flaws and grow together. 

Unfortunately in Amir’s case, he had to bear the brunt most of the time and he explains that it made him feel drained and worthless.

“I was in a bad shape and all that entailed made me believe that my opinions and belief systems were wrong. I was always doubtful of what to say and express. All of this came to an end after my sessions.”

Being vulnerable to the world comes with its struggle as we don’t live in the ideal world and it could always cause problems at a later point in time, considering how the information we share with people can be misguided by many. 

Amir met with his counselor, Ms. Sheetal Rajput and they got to discuss and face his fears one at a time. 

“My sessions with Ms. Sheetal were impactful. She provided me with a comfortable environment and I felt happy about it. Therapy was important to me and I did not want it to feel mechanical. She gave me the feeling of speaking to my elder sister which helped me build a good relationship with my counselor.”

He also mentions that the sessions never felt monotonous and it was amazing to hear her talk about her personal experience. Additionally, everything that she said had a personal touch and made him feel super comfortable. 

Change never happens overnight. It puts you through hurt and helps you build yourself from scratch and Amir’s story is yet another example of understanding how all it takes is a few hours of talking to a professional and accepting change as it comes.

“While therapy and its processes were relatively new, I never gave up. I always felt like a burden fell off my shoulder after the session and all I wanted was validation of how my thoughts and opinions matter as I did not receive it in my relationship.” 

On a scale of 1 to 5 in terms of feeling better, Amir rated himself with a 3.5. We know his sanity is back and wish him health, happiness and success in abundance.

Amir’s Warrior Tips:
1.”As people who face Mental Health difficulties, it is important to first acknowledge how one feel’s.”
2.”Step 2 is to find the right kind of professional services to discuss the same to help one manage their emotions better.”

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