Courage, Confidence, and Counseling: This is Sreeraj’s Story.

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Sreeraj is 19 years old 1st-year B.Com Honors student from the reputed Shri Ram College of Engineering. He is from Delhi and mentioned that he did his entire schooling there. 

He comes from a close-knit family of 6 who has a younger sister and lives with his parents, and grandparents. Sreeraj enjoys playing cricket and mentions that he has played professional cricket for 6 years. 

He has explored his other interests and is now spending his time playing lawn tennis and is an occasional reader of fiction. 

“My memories of growing up were that I was a bright student who took part in activities. Always wanted to focus on one thing at a time and did not multitask. My parents were liberal and I am glad I have them as my support system.” 

While Sreeraj mentioned that he had a smooth childhood, as he transitioned into his late teenage things started changing. On the flip side, he started experiencing low self-confidence, and would often see and hear his friends speak of how they are pros at multitasking.

“If I had more confidence in myself with playing cricket I would probably be doing it now. But, it is a competitive sport and I just needed to be more confident to make it a profession.” 

Sreeraj narrates that it was around this time did he join college and heard about YourDOST, which was the official emotional wellness partner of his college. 

He decided to give it a try and booked his session with his counselor, Ms. Padmaja Sharma. He was able to discuss his issues with his counselor and felt light at heart. 

“I was dealing with financial difficulties and these were troubling me at the corner of my mind, and they would come up while I am studying or sleeping and would mess up my mindset.”

Sreeraj mentioned that he was able to discuss his troubles openly with his counselor as she provided him with a non-judgmental space. 

He was able to discuss much deeper difficulties that he faced with Ms. Padmaja.

“There was this dark phase in my life where I was involved in a romantic relationship with somebody I thought I knew, and it ruined me.”

Our true colours start revealing themselves when we get too comfortable with somebody and at the time this could turn into unhealthy obsessions. While there are multiple reasons why we do it, the answer to this is that they have occupied the most sensitive spaces of our lives. 

Sreeraj articulates that everything around him was falling apart and he couldn’t necessarily understand what to prioritise. There was a flight of emotions that he experienced. 

While in stressful situations it’s common to experience emotions and these would usually not have patterns but would always oscillate. 

“We ended the relationship and the pain was too much to bear. We grew up together and studied the same things. I wanted more from the kind of time she gave me I became obsessed after a point and I was not happy. This mix of emotions was overwhelming initially and I took a long time to understand how it all works.”

On taking regular sessions with his counselor he mentions that she suggested a few techniques like Breathing, Walking, Hobbies he enjoyed doing and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

Sreeraj mentions that he is surely at a better place than he always was looking forward to. Just like how sunsets are proof that endings can be beautiful he decided to let go of his obsessions and decided to dedicate his energy to building better connections. 

I am not anxious anymore and my negative thinking has stopped, I have started multi-tasking slowly, and I am distracting myself effectively from the bad thoughts I experienced, and I owe it all to Ms. Padmaja.”

He also elucidates that initially, he did not share much with his family but lately, things have improved and he has started communicating with them and was able to receive and give affection. 

“I am glad I had my parents, friends, teachers, relatives and everybody else who stood by my side and supported me directly or indirectly.”

On a scale of 1/5 in terms of feeling better, Sreeraj rated himself with a fantastic 5. We are super proud of our warrior!

Sreeraj’s Warrior Tips:
1.”Not everybody has access to counseling, but if you face any issues, you must find the right person to express them to.”
2.”If you do not find somebody then be your person as the fight is with you and you will surely find your way out.”
3.”Volunteer more often, and understand how people live their lives, this will help you take a good hard look at yourself and your issues.”

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