Tilak’s Story of How He Managed To Flap His Wings Past His Overthinking Patterns Through Therapy.

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“We are the Transition from one Education to the other.” 

-Alfred Rosenberg

As individuals, we have always moved from one place to another and this is commonly known as the transitioning phase. Just like how a caterpillar goes through its transition period of metamorphosis, and blooms into a gorgeous butterfly with scintillating colours, so do we as humans. 

Tilak is a conscientious 23-year-old who is from Madhya Pradesh and moved to a different city to pursue his Master’s in Business Management from O.P. Jindal Global University. He is currently working in an organisation as a fresher. 

He is an animal lover and enjoys capturing moments. Tilak’s interest in photography has helped him envision his goals and go after his dreams. Families are our support system, and in the case of Tilak, he shares a strong bond with his family. 

“I had a smooth childhood and grew up with a lot of love and was close to my mom and my sister.”

Tilak mentioned that his immediate family have always been supportive of his choices and this has helped him make decisions effectively. 

“The COVID-19 pandemic put me through severe problems. I often felt overwhelmed and distracted. It was around this time that I heard about YourDOST, who was the official mental health partner for our college.”

Tilak explains that without a second thought, he decided to take a forward step and speak to somebody as he felt everything around him slowly collapsing. 

As the saying goes, “It takes two hands to clap.” Tilak understood that by talking to his counselor he would be able to move on from these events. 

Our lives are split into multiple facets as we meet new people in each of these facets. Some choose to stay, while some leave. A similar situation happened with Tilak.  

“I had to finish my last semester in college, and it was also the time I underwent a painful breakup. This left me devastated and directionless.” 

Opening up to people has been difficult for Tilak, and he had to find that pace again with his counselor as it was a different feeling altogether. 

Tilak expressed how he would see all his friends pass out of college, and it would often leave him feeling alone. The overwhelming thoughts disturbed him too much, and he became regular with his counseling session. 

“I met Ms. Mahima, who was a very patient listener. She heard everything I wanted to say with compassion and empathy. It helped me open up eventually.”

The art of opening up is something that comes to us with time. It allows one to trust the person that they are talking with. Additionally, if it is a professional, they can help us learn how to identify where our challenge is stemming from so it can be addressed with the right methods and tools.

“Ms. Mahima and I were able to discuss my issues without overthinking. She suggested techniques like following through with a routine, breathing exercises, and journaling.”

Tilak was able to get over his overthinking patterns by regularly following through with the techniques

“I worked through my routine and made small changes to my life. I am finally at the place I dreamt of being.” 

Butterflies are a perfect example of how one should perceive the idea of change. All we have to do is just take a good hard look at ourselves every day in the mirror and affirm how far we have come. 

Tilak was yet another butterfly in this story who won over his overthinking patterns and is a more calm and more patient individual now. 

When we asked him to rate himself on a scale of 1 to 5 in terms of feeling better emotionally, he rated himself with a solid 4. We are super proud of his change and wish him all the best.

Tilak’s Warrior Tips:
1.”Good things usually take time. All we need to do is give it some time, and things will be better.”
2.”Do not be shy to take therapy. as it is a safe zone, and your information will be kept confidential you will not be judged.”

Team YourDOST

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