Opening Up Never Felt This Liberating For Me Until Therapy” Sharma’s Story of Change.

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Rajasthan is a land of contrasts, with desert landscapes, lush forests, and the rugged Aravalli mountain range. A rich cultural heritage and a vibrant way of life is the best way to define this basin of outpouring culture.

Its people, festivals, cuisine, music, and architecture are all unique and worth exploring. A visit to Rajasthan is a journey through time, taking you back to an era of kings and queens, forts and palaces, and a way of life that is both fascinating and enchanting.

The art of expressing feelings is something we learn with time. All of us find multiple ways to do it in the form of art, poetry, music, public speaking, etc. 

Sharma is 23 years old and is a B.Tech student from the reputed IIT Guwahati. He is a talented and high-spirited individual who has a strong desire to learn, explore, and discover new things and has a maximum eagerness to ask questions and seek out knowledge.

He identifies his hobbies as singing, playing guitar and so on.

He is kind and good-hearted, but he also is an overthinker and enjoys making meanings of things that he sees, learns and hears.

“I have a decent relationship with my family, and I prefer having a boundary with everything in life so it doesn’t bother me too much.” 

Sharma was new to the notions of counseling and his college had a subscription with YourDOST as their official mental health partner. He was able to utilize the counseling services as a part of the partnership. He booked his session and met his counselor.

“I dealt with an existential crisis and wanted a space to vent out my emotions. This became hard especially because of my break-up and it has been 2 years since then.”

Sharma mentions that things that happened on the outside were always unsettling and he had issues making sense of the world and needed access to more third-person perspectives.

He also underwent a break-up and it was mostly because he had trouble accepting the reality they suffered through a breakup.

“We cannot trust our own words as everything changes. At the end of the day, I was a critical person and would constantly keep thinking of the shortcomings that were coming my way. This constantly kept me busy.”

Sharma describes his break-up to be something that he could not find answers for and that troubled him. He explained that she was  [going through some personal issues and he attempted to manage them with her. 

“We had a lot of misunderstandings going on as my viewpoint of solving her problems would never be something that worked for her .” 

This was also around the time the world was experiencing the COVID-19 outburst. It made things worse for both of them. 

Sharma decided to speak to his counselor Ms. Sanjam about these issues and they would mostly have a heart-filled conversation that helped him clear his head at the end of the day. 

“I was so focused on solving her issues and never was able to comfort her when she needed me. Being somebody who analyzes everything I decided to solve her problem by myself and this  tangled things up even more”

Sharma mentioned that his counselor suggested the journaling technique to note down his thoughts and emotions, although he explained that he had already done that and that by itself would not be of help. However, exchanges with the counselor both by means of calls and texts would be beneficial.  This, therefore, helped him feel at ease and more in control.

“I am grateful to her for  listening to me during the difficult times and standing with me.” 

On asking Sharma how therapy has helped him he said he feels confident now and is more in terms of how things are.

In terms of feeling better on a scale of 1 to 5, he responded by saying he would rate himself with a solid 4 on 5. 

Sharma’s Warrior Tips:
1.“Acknowledge the issues.”
2.“Let go of blaming tendencies as it only makes you feel bitter. Projecting negativity is not going to help anybody.”
3.“Always self-reflect and understand who you are.”

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