Amir’s Fascinating Story of How He Decided To Stay Assertive in His Relationships Through Counseling.

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All of us have our own set of sweet and sour memories in our academic lives and it’s with time we learn to embrace them and seek our learnings. Our warrior Sai hails from and has recently started working in a reputed firm as a product designer. 

On completing his graduation in Bachelors of Technology degree Sai moved to a city that is famously referred to as “The Silicon Valley of India.” 

He comes from a joint family and is a single child to his parents. Sai narrates how his relationship with his parents has been good and how he is quite close to them. 

“I belong to a joint family and always had people around me. I was comfortable being alone unlike the other kids my age and did not feel bad about being a single child, as I enjoyed my own company.” 

Sai enjoys public speaking and is good at debating. He mentions how his cousins helped and motivated him to chisel himself in with the skill and that he is grateful. His leisure activities are sitting by the trees and enjoying nature, creating and writing something occasionally for himself. 

When we asked him what is his take on therapy he mentioned how therapy for him is like a vehicle of exploration that got him close to his inner self. 

We all have our reasons why we look for a therapist or a counselor and said had a story to tell us when we asked them the same question. 

“I was very intrigued about psychology and it was around this time my college partner with YourDOST. I decided to take sessions to understand myself and explore the inner me and practise self-introspection.” 

Sai articulates how he does not befriend a lot of people, and they thought he was alone. He preferred making friends when he needed them and chose his circle carefully. 

“My first year was challenging as I did not have a gang to go to. All of this changed in my second year after I met my roommate and he understood me on a deep level.” 

Sai describes that he was not good at making friends from the beginning, and people perceived him to be anti-social. This became difficult for our warrior and he communicated this with his counselor Dhrashti.

“Dhrashti was my counselor and she helped me cross through this dark phase I was going through. She is empathetic and a great listener.”

Therapy is a process and it requires one to deconstruct from scratch with routines, belief systems and thinking patterns before one begins constructing themselves again. 

Sai went through a similar practice as he decided to write lists and start journalling his thought and let go of structure and keep time aside to not plan things.

Sai mentions that he is extremely thankful for being able to see himself change as he was usually rigid about his routine and he understood that he can’t control everything.

“I used to feel irritated when things dint work out as planned. With the help of my counselor, I am not spending time on planning, instead focusing on the present than the future and that keeps me grounded.”

When we asked Sai how much would he rate himself on a scale of 1 to 5 in terms of getting better and rated himself with a stunning 4 on 5. 

We are delighted to see Sai becoming the best version of himself and wish him abundant happiness as well as health.

Sai’s Warrior Tips:
1.If suffering from an issue that you are not able to handle by yourself then seeking professional advice is essential.
2.Asking for help is nothing negative, and giving attention to judgements only ends up hurting you more.

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