Conquering Over his Self Image Issues and Building his Confidence with Counseling: This is Sidharth’s Story.

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Belonging to the monumental city of North India, Sidharth Pant hails from Rudrapur. An aficionado of video games and anime. He has pursued his BTech in mechanical engineering. 

He has also worked as an academic specialist in mathematics. He is currently preparing for bank exams and also aspires to become an overseas education counselor. 

Problems began gradually building up from his childhood.

“My father had a heavy drinking problem and as an after-effect of it, domestic violence was cast upon my mother and me. As a child, I could not comprehend the consequence, but in the later years I saw fear being developed as a personality trait.”

Being exposed to domestic violence at home, his father’s actions left a deep mark on Sidharth’s mind. He started fearing his father and as a result, his anxiety developed and shined a negative light on himself. 

Through school he was bullied and being ridiculed for the way he looked by the opposite gender made him feel uncomfortable and upset. He started facing severe problems in interacting with female friends and other people in general. 

A few more events turned out that snowballed his anxiety and troubled him further. He was not able to focus on his studies, often losing his concentration in conversations with people. Sleep was not his best friend exactly and social withdrawal came easy. 

“I was not able to complete my graduation in the UK due to financial issues and also the heartbreak from a breakup, I was not doing well because I had to retake admission in a local university and I was almost my teacher’s age and all my fellow students in the class were 5 years younger than me.”

The age gap was a little difficult to adjust to and people around his campus were younger than him because of which he often felt out of place. 

All the things that started going wrong in his life or around him, created a strong impression on him that he was the root of all the problems. He started believing that he was inferior to everyone else and was answerable for everything that is failing around him. 

He got diagnosed with depression and was put on medication to manage his well-being.

“I was initially quite sceptical about ‘online counseling sessions on the platform, but even then I decided to reach out to YourDOST because I could not take it anymore. I knew I needed help.”

Friends and family had their own perception of his diagnosis which was particularly not pleasant. 

He struggled for a long time suppressing his thoughts and keeping his feelings in disguise until the day they breached his emotional border and he finally signed up to YourDOST through BYJUs.

He got connected with Ayushi through chat sessions and later on shifted to video sessions. 

“She was extremely sweet and empathetic, she was well-versed in her field and was highly solution-oriented. That trait of hers really encouraged me to improve myself.”

Ayushi’s solution-oriented approach to Sidharth’s problems paved the way for solutions. 

Problem – Self-image issues.

Solution – Join the gym and work out regularly. 

Problem – Shy in social interaction with girls 

Solution – Try and speak to a few women every day. 

These kinds of tasks helped him to pick himself up and push him towards making changes within himself. 

His progress before he lost his job was pretty steady, after he lost the job, the situation became a little wobbly but he was determined to get through it. 

“After I lost my job, I was pretty upset, but Ayushi did not leave my side. She helped me out in my search for jobs and furthermore inspired me to expand my educational bandwidth. Hence I am writing bank exams in the coming months”

Having even one person by your side in times when you are not doing well makes a lot of difference. Someone who will not judge you for your actions in the heat of the moment, someone who knows you and will not make fun of your situation. 

We should all be there for one another, sometimes even sitting in silence with someone who is going through problems can be enough. 

Sidharth found his person in the counselor, he is really grateful and thankful to her. 

He went from a mindset of self-deprecation to building positive self-confidence.

“Self-improvement is when you see yourself and believe that you can improve and change yourself.” 

Today, with his newly built confidence, he is ready to take on challenges that life throws at him. He is preparing for his exams with all his heart and looks forward to his counseling sessions. 

He has started sleeping a little better, goes to the gym regularly and reminds himself of positive thoughts. Counting your blessings in times of hardship can pull people through. 

He rated himself a whopping 3.5 out of 5 and claims that he is still a work in progress. He is optimistic about improving himself and finding bigger opportunities for himself. 

His journey until now had a lot of ups and downs, but today he is focused on himself.

Sidharth’s Warrior Tips:
1.“If you can take financial risks, then why not invest in your mental health.”
2.“At least give a try to counseling, you might feel good.”
3.”Consistency is the key.”

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