Ujas Aced Work-Life Balance With Willpower and a Coach

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“You are responsible for your own mental health”. Such is the power of Ujas’s perspective change after seeking counseling. Only 23 year old engineer in his family, Ujas knew that his passion was for mathematics. 

Ujas is someone who not only unwinds by playing cricket on Sundays, watching movies and listening to music but also by living his love for mathematics. 

“After completing B.Tech, I joined an ed-tech company as a mathematics specialist. I was clear that my future will be around mathematics.” 

While Ujas was clear about pursuing mathematics, something that did seem blurry was his work life balance. 

“I wasn’t able to balance my work and life. I wasn’t able to manage my time and not able to find out why I can’t do that.”

Ujas’s poor work-life balance started to creep into his behavior as well as routine. He couldn’t sleep well and would get angry easily. Handling stressful situations became tough. The only good part among all of that was that he didn’t like this version and wanted to do something about it. 

“I wasn’t liking this behavior and wasn’t able to do anything about it. That’s when I decided to book a session with YourDOST.”

Based on the emails Ujas had received on behalf of YourDOST from his organization, he was clear that he could talk about his mental health. One day when he was preparing for an entrance exam while trying to manage his job too, he couldn’t focus and ended up booking a session. 

From there, it was only a path forward to his betterment.

“I connected both through chat and audio with two different counselors for two different issues. My experience with both counselors was solution-oriented.”

In the first chat session, Ujas worked on his self-improvement such as presentation and public-speaking skills. As he’d play cricket at big events, it was crucial for him to perform with confidence as there was an audience involved. 

The second session was about time-management, work-life balance and overcoming past failures. 

“With my counselor, I could realize which behavior was right and wrong. We discussed my schedule, how I can start and end my day.”

During his counseling sessions with the second expert, Ujas realized that he spent a major chunk of time daydreaming and focusing on wishful things. Once this was identified, he started solving it with his counselor’s guidance. 

“My expert suggested that I create a schedule and stick to it. She asked to break  my work-life balance issue into major and minor ones. If I can control that issue, I should solve it. If it’s not in my control, I should let it go.”

This helped Ujas avoid confusion and focus on what was important. Alongside, he also found meditation as a useful technique which helped him focus better.

With determination, Ujas was able to follow his experts’ suggestions and became a whole new, positive person. He could feel calmer and overcome anger. He also saw changes in my working schedule. 

“With counseling, I could understand the situations wherein I was lacking confidence and then I could gain it.”

As someone who pursued clarity, Ujas was always clear about his career but when it came to his feelings, he found support in his counselor. 

“I’m thankful to my experts for understanding me and for giving me clarity with my feelings.” 

Ujas’s overall improvement has been wonderful and today, he stands at a 4.5 on a scale of 1 to 5 of feeling better. He’s a true warrior and that’s why his words reflect every bit of a motivation for those struggling out there. 

“People who feel embarrassed talking about their issues, you need to find out things you’re not even aware of. Counseling can help you with that.”

Ujas’s Warrior Tips:
1.Therapy is normal.
2. One should talk to a professional if you want to solve your problem otherwise it may get worse.
3. Solving base issues is important.

Team YourDOST

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