Shradha Gets Out of Her Relationship Through Therapy

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28-years-old Shradha is a person who would rather get engrossed in a world of books rather than diving into small-talk with others. Shradha has been working as a Content Writer for over 8 years. As a wordsmith, Shradha currently works with various brands to get their messages out better into the market. Along with reading and writing, Shradha also enjoys binging on movies from time to time. 

“I was going through a very rough patch in my life. I was falling out of my relationship that took 6 years of mental investment.”

Shradha was in a relationship for six long years. Being attached to one particular person for such a long time made Shradha feel shaken when they mutually decided to drift apart. But with the huge decision came difficult times. Shradha was mostly unable to come to terms with the fact of separating. 

“I was unable to let out my emotions in front of anyone around me as the reason behind ending the relationship stood very personal to me.”

Shradha was overwhelmed with a constant feeling of not being happy. As much as the pain overtook her mental peace, she also couldn’t ignore the feeling of being done about it. Losing her six-year-long partner was making her feel afraid to trust anybody anymore. 

“I had started to develop thoughts of ending my life which felt easier than living with my situation.”

It was one particular night when Shradha landed in a position of not being able to handle the anxiety anymore. She picked up her phone to pur her unending loop of thoughts when her friend suggested she seek help. Apparently, Shradha’s friend was working in Randstad with whom YourDOST was associated. So, Shradha decided to take a leap of faith. 

“I connected with Ishita, a counselor from YourDOST through chats as I didn’t have the energy to wait for a scheduled meeting.”

It was important for Shradha to feel assured that somebody knew about her situation and what she was going through. Ishita heard Shradha out thoroughly and encouraged her to follow some techniques. To get a hold over her emotions, Shradha was suggested to practice some grounding exercises followed by maintaining a journal. 

“I know it well that if I wouldn’t have taken the counseling sessions, I would never have the energy to come out of my situation.”

The pain of getting away from the relationship got easier eventually for Shradha as she started afresh with her new lifestyle. Ishita helped her find the right kind of approach and for that Shradha extends immense gratitude. As Shradha found the one person she could trust, she continued to work on herself everyday. 

Not only has she come out stronger from the relationship, but also feels independent enough to stand on her feet. Shradha humbly described her improvement through counseling as “good” after she rated it as a 4 out of 5 experience. 

I was given a life I can hold on to” – says Shradha, a true mental health warrior!

Anita’s Warrior Tips:
1.The most important thing is to give time to things for them to heal.
2. Give time to yourself.
3. If you need to change how you feel, you need to change who you are and only a professional can help you do it.

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