“Not All Thoughts Are Ours” Says Self-Aware Sandhya After Therapy

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Sandhya Chaurasia, a 27 year Admission Counselor at Ambalika Institute of Technology is a symbol of true progress and motivation. As a strong minded woman, Sandhya believes in self-improvement and not changing others. 

“If we change ourselves, everything will change automatically.”

Originally from Uttar Pradesh, Sandhya is not only a firm believer but also someone who prefers motivating others. She also has a fun side to hers where she loves dancing and cooking. 

It is her strong belief in self-improvement that brought Sandhya towards counseling. She feels that everyone needs a coach, be it in the form of a book or a professional. 

“I think differently and I’ve no regrets. People call me mad for this but I don’t bother. I wanted a coach to help me deal with different aspects of my life.”

Wanting to break her standard thought-pattern is why Sandhya decided to approach a coach. Not everyone has the courage to make such choices but Sandhya did it for herself.

“I was tangled in my own thoughts. I wasn’t able to understand if it was distortion, imagination or what.”

This was affecting Sandhya’s work too. She was unable to focus on who she was and her own thoughts would make her feel anxious. This led to her blaming others for not being able to understand her.

“I would suffer inside and assume things, creating a loop of irrational thoughts. Those low thoughts would take me to lower levels. I was not confident in myself.”

Thanks to Sandhya’s strong sense of self realization, she knew that if she wants answers, she needs to reach out to someone who can ask the right questions. This is when she got to know through her company’s partner Byjus, about YourDOST. 

“I saw a post which was about anxiety. It said you can manage it with a coach. This impacted me and I decided to seek help.”

After this, Sandhya connected with Liona who started helping her break her plethora of thoughts into categories. As therapy continued, Sandhya could see a friend in her counselor who helped her build trust and feel comfortable. 

“Counseling was similar to talking to a friend. Just that here, my things weren’t going to get leaked. It’s similar to keeping secrets in a safe place and no one can move it.”

With Liona’s help, Sandhya started categorizing her thoughts based on events. Which thought it was, which behavior/feeling/opinion it was causing, which feeling. Recently she even learned about distortion therapy. 

“I realized that not all thoughts are ours. They are created by the environment. We don’t focus on facts. My counselor helped me journal my thoughts down by labeling them.”

Talking about her positive changes, Sandhya says that her overthinking side isn’t there anymore. She can make better decisions and feel confident and valued about areas she’s perfect at. 

Today, she looks forward to her sessions with excitement thinking what next she’ll learn about herself and feel better. 

“I didn’t know about feelings and emotions. I understood at my level but not on my mind level. Credit goes to my counselor.”

Fast forward to today, Sandhya is a true meaning of self-awareness. Her improvement is so remarkable that people who used to call her crazy once now seek her guidance. That’s why she’s a solid 4 on 1 to 5 scale of improvement. 

Here’s what has to say to those who have doubts about therapy.

“Therapy is very important. Just how exercise helps your body, therapy helps your mind”

Sandhya’s Warrior Tips:
1.The best part is that therapy soothes your mind.
2. It’s good to have a coach who’s like a mirror.

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