Roghith’s Story of Solving Career Dilemmas With Therapy

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This is the story of 26-year-old Roghith Ragumurthy who completed his B.Tech back in 2017 and immediately joined an organisation, with an aspiration to pursue a master’s degree as well. Additionally, Roghith has various interests and hobbies such as watching movies, playing sports and so on!

Having completed his B.E in Mechanical Engineering, Roghith joined AGI-Milltec Machinery as an engineer and working with them since then. Roghith, like many Indian students, had an aspiration to pursue a post-graduation from abroad and give a new shape to his career. But, somewhere along the way, his focus shifted to working.

“I wanted to pursue M.S from the USA. But, due to certain family issues, I delayed it and started working instead.”

After working at AGI-Milltec for some years, Roghith found himself in a slightly confused mindset about his career direction and it also led him to feel stressed at work.

Roghith, like many people, couldn’t sleep at night well due to unwanted, non-stop thoughts related to his career. Although, with a supportive family and his elder by his side, he discussed the same with them.

“When I was 26, I knew my family would expect me to settle down. But I couldn’t stop thinking about shaping my career the way I wanted.”

Whenever Roghith found himself sitting idle, his mind would automatically take him to deep thinking and dilemma. Due to this, Roghith also spent many sleepless nights.

Roghith feels eternally grateful for his parents, so he didn’t want to disappoint them. He spent almost a year benign in the needless loop of this career thought process. The added burden of an investment of over 20 Lakhs also crept him. Roghith is very close to his elder sister, so they sat down and thought this through. Though the discussion was like a warm breeze, Roghith couldn’t arrive at a conclusion, as his sister had similar thoughts as him. At this point, Roghith decided to speak with a professional, to get a third-person perspective.

“AGI-Milltec and YourDOST are tied up. So I decided to grab that opportunity by meeting a career coach. I had no idea about counseling prior to this, but I knew I had to take sessions.”

Roghith got connected with Ms Divya Kumari, a career counselor from YourDOST via the chat option of sessions.

Divya made Roghith comfortable and listened to him patiently. After completion of 2 to 3 sessions, Roghith and Divya, together, figured out the core reason for Roghith’s career stress. Divya then suggested that Roghith practice certain exercises to keep stress at bay and self-introspect too.

“Divya helped me figure out the exact issue that I had. I’m very grateful to her. I then put my papers at AGI-Milltec, began preparing to move abroad and now I will finally be moving to Canada this year to pursue a career of my dreams.”

Roghith calls his counseling experience a ‘life-changing’ one, as he believes that had YourDOST not been in his life, he would’ve still been in the state of dilemma. He rated his overall counseling experience a solid 4 on 5!

From all of us at YourDOST, Roghith, you’re a true inspiration to many people out there, and we wish you all the best for your future endeavours!

Roghith’s Warrior Tips:
1. Therapy is very helpful to get out of a confused state of mind. And a counselor is the right person to execute that.

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