Me Time and Family Time. This is How Ankur Balanced His Life.

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Self Improvement and A Fulfilling Family. This is How Ankur Balanced His Life

“The only journey is the journey within.” – Rainer Maria Rilke.

43-year-old Ankur is working as a finance manager in an IT company. Born and brought up in Ajmer, Rajasthan, Ankur was very fond of sports and intrigued by a bit of travelling now and then. He enjoyed reading and playing games. After having a wider work experience, Ankur decided to pursue further studies at IIM Bangalore. He is now a proud father to a 14 years old daughter. 

As Ankur set off with his journey as a finance manager, he started developing certain doubts about his lifestyle. No wonder, he was doing great with his career but he realised that something was gravely missing. 

“I wasn’t feeling empowered by my personal life. I felt like a change was needed.”

Ankur was deeply distressed due to this restless feeling. He felt isolated and alone. Even after having a good career and a family to look after, Ankur knew that something had to change. The thoughts that empowered his mind regarding this feeling had started to take over for some time. He noticed changes in his attitude and behaviour. Not only did he want to improve the quality of his life, but also develop himself overall. 

Ankur decided to seek counseling through his college IIM Bangalore, from YourDOST.

“I was seeking help about how I can change my life and develop a different outlook on it. I wanted to be in the centre of my life and not lie in the periphery.”

Many of us go through transformations in different phases of life. Every transformation initiates a crisis. But not all of us dive into the root cause to create a change. Such was the case of Ankur. Ankur, who decided to seek counseling through his college IIM Bangalore, from YourDOST. As YourDOST is an emotional wellness coach helping people to guide them and be the best version of themselves, Ankur felt that he could find some answers to his quest for self improvement.

Ankur opened up in front of Dr Nikita who is a YourDOST counselor at YourDOST about his thoughts and issues. Nikita suggested that he should spend more time with his family. After all, one sustains themself with the love of their family. Moreover, the problems involved with the feeling of isolation lay more inclined towards his relationship with his wife. He realised the necessity to spend more time with her. Clearly, Ankur had to work on his communication gaps and be more expressive and through counseling, he was able to bridge those gaps.

“I started noticing improvement in my attitude and became more aware of how my family felt around me.” 

Counseling truly helped Ankur manage his communication skills and improvised his self improvement.

Just like his career, Ankur had finally developed a grip on his personal life as well. With self improvement being his primary goal, Ankur was finally able to control other aspects of behaviour like anger and expression. He offers his gratitude towards Nikita by sharing how empathetic and understanding she was. Ankur’s inner conflicts were finally resolved as he took a step towards self improvement voluntarily. 

“Don’t let your life drive you, take control and let yourself drive the life.”

YourDOST appreciates Ankur’s courage to come forward to share his desire to live a more fulfilling life. If we can balance our personal and professional life, we can be inevitable. He rates his improvement at a solid 3.5. But for us at YourDOST, Ankur is the kind of person who deserves a 5 on 5 owing up to his incredible courage. 

Ankur’s Warrior Tips:
1. If you ever feel that you need any amendment in any aspect of life, you should go seek help.
2. Be more transparent about yourself. Only then, can you get help

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