Celebrating Super Women at YourDOST

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Celebrating Super Women at YourDOST! #YDDiaries

“Above all, you’re the heroine of your life” 

Yes, this was the spirit we carried in our hearts on 8th March 2021 as we celebrated ‘Super Women’ at YourDOST. While the essence of our respect and love towards our women never shatters, this day was special as we together dived into “International Women’s Day 2020”.

Women! Words may not be enough to describe the kind of valor these kind souls carry but we’ve still got some words – amazing, strong, beautiful, brave, and independent.

YourDOST, not only is proud to have 60% of the total strength as women employees but also proud to have Richa Singh, a woman as the CEO of the organization.

With women in the spotlight, this women’s day was purely dedicated to celebrating women who #RaiseAHand every day, get what they want, and make their dreams come true.
With women on the spotlight, this women’s day was purely dedicated to celebrate women

At the office, the morning of March 8th was different from the usual Monday mornings. All excited, our dear women were shining and shimmering in “All Black” dresses which was the dress code for the day.

All black was the dress code on the occasion of Women's day where the ladies looked stunning!

Due to the COVID-19 restriction, we unfortunately couldn’t have all of our lovely women join us from the office but you know what? We were still connected by the enthusiasm we carried with the rest of the women joining us over a zoom call from home.

What stood out the most was the kind of surprises that were waiting for our YourDOST women. Upon entering the office, each woman was personally greeted by our Happiness Officer, Rupshee Biswas with a rose, a few chocolate bars nicely tied up in a ribbon, and a card that said “Above all, you’re the heroine of your life”.

The most beautiful part was the “Wall of Appreciation” which was decorated with colorful ‘Thank You’ cards in the shape of a “W” (W for Woman). It was lovely to see YourDOSTians (men and women) walk up to the wall and dedicate a “Cape of Appreciation” with a special message to all the superwomen at YD.

The aftercame came easy with laughter, fun and joy being exchanged at the lunch table which was specially organised for YourDOST women.

The afternoon came easy with laughter, fun, and joy being exchanged at the lunch table which was specially organized for YourDOST women. 

Post lunch, our women joined “We Shape Our World” – a panel discussion that was organized to hear about “All about women and their thoughts”. The panel was inaugurated by Puroitree Majumdar (Senior Clinical Psychologist) followed by our Co-founder and CEO, Richa Singh shared words of wisdom for women. 

Puroitree and Richa were further accompanied by Divyatha. B (Senior Content Manager), Priya Singh (Senior Marketing Executive), and Sahithi Mannar (Business Development Manager).

They beautifully explained how women can make time for their own selves; how women leaders are often perceived as tough; why we need to normalize women not getting married by 30, asking for periods. The panel was moderated by our very own, Hannah Maria Sajeev (Customer Success Manager).

The evening came flowing like a breeze with a special cake, delicious samosas, and the sweetest gulab jamuns. All of us could finally gulp the overflowing excitement of witnessing the most awaited musical performance by our three rockstars, Saubhagya Kamal Singh (Customer Success Manager; L), Rupshee (Happiness Officer; M), and Priya Singh (Senior Marketing Executive).

With Rupshee strumming the guitar and the other two adding to its melody, the performance was truly enjoyed by everyone at YourDOST.

With Rupshee strumming the guitar and other two adding to it’s melody, the performance was truly enjoyed by everyone at YourDOST.

Next, was time for some fun games such as making a chain of safety pins clipping into one another within 60 seconds. The team that could make the longest chain would win. We still can’t get over how much our women enjoyed the game. 

The day was followed by exciting games which infused team work among all

The day ended with loads of pictures and selfies and when we saw our women going back with a huge smile on their faces, we knew that it was a day well spent. In the end, we only have these words for all the women out there who shape their world – #YouAreASuperWoman

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