A Career Is Always A Trial and Error. Read How Sanjay Made Mistakes to Find His Calling

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A career is always a trial and error. Read how Sanjay made mistakes to find his calling

“There are a lot of things that I have realized now about my career”

A happy-go-lucky member of the YourDOST team, Sanjay believes that he is now miles from when he first started. As a young graduate, much like any other Indian youth out there, all he wanted was to get placed in a big company and get paid well.

And this is exactly what happened. Having graduated as the best outgoing student of his batch, Sanjay was offered a job in a big company that came with a hefty pay package. At the time, Sanjay thought he was living the dream. 

“200 people were selected for the company, out of which I was the one who was offered the highest pay. I felt so special at the time, I was really on cloud nine!”

A career is always a trial and error. Read how Sanjay made mistakes to find his calling

But Sanjay soon came to the realization that what was important to him was not the money, but an opportunity for growth and development as an engineer. While such an opportunity was lacking at his previous company, this is exactly what he found when he joined YourDOST.

Everyone thought I was crazy for letting go of such a well-paying job. But I knew what I wanted, and lucky for me, I have an extremely supportive family. My parents and my sister really stuck by me through this phase of my life.

And according to Sanjay, his decision to join YourDOST was probably one of the best decisions he has ever made. 

“Maybe it’s because the people here are working in the mental health space, but I feel like everyone here is too sweet and kind!” he says happily. “They are not just after the money, like a lot of people I have met before. From what I have seen, people at YourDOST all genuinely want to help people in some way or the other, and better lives all around them.”

The motivation and drive that came from knowing that his work is actually contributing to making people’s lives better also brought him joy and satisfaction from his work.

A career is always a trial and error. Read how Sanjay made mistakes to find his calling

“Maybe I am not directly changing people’s lives the way a psychologist does, but at least indirectly, I am somehow a part of the process, and that’s a really good feeling.”

However, it is not only the positive atmosphere at YourDOST that inspires Sanjay. It is also the appreciation that he received from his superiors.

“I love appreciation,” he says cheerfully. “I mean who doesn’t? At YourDOST, whenever you do a good job, you are always given your due appreciation, and that’s tremendously motivating for me.”

A career is always a trial and error. Read how Sanjay made mistakes to find his calling

One of the best things that has happened to him, however, is the amount he has been able to grow both personally and professionally, ever since he joined YourDOST. 

The amount of knowledge I have gained as an engineer at YourDOST is unbelievable. There is a massive space for growth, and I have learnt so many new things ever since I joined.

Sanjay truly believes that he has been able to vastly upskill himself as an engineer. In fact, he even thinks that in just one year he has been able to pick up knowledge and skills worth several years. When asked to name a couple of new things that he has learnt during his time as an engineer with YourDOST, he replies with, “Can you give me some time? I can give you a huge list!”

That’s right… It’s a huge list! And that just says it all, doesn’t it?

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