10 Easy Ways to Become a Better Parent

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It’s not easy being a parent these days. It becomes a lot more tricky when you’re a working professional who has to meet the demands of the workplace while ensuring that your presence at home is not missed out. So in such a scenario, how can one set out on the path to better parenting? If this question has been bugging you, worry no more, because you’ve come to the right place. Here are simple but effective tips which will help you as you make steady progress on becoming a better parent.

When at home, take charge.

It’s a big wide world, and the rules are pretty confusing for not just adults but to your little ones as well. So help them figure out their passions and discover the nuances of interaction in daily life by setting appropriate boundaries and hand holding them as they try to make sense of the world around them.

Don’t hold your child back.

Your little ones crave freedom. So if they’re at a stage where they can do seemingly small but actually important things like putting their toys away or dressing themselves up, don’t get in their way. Let them do it all by themselves, if they need help, they’ll reach out to you. Just by taking a step back, and letting them go about their tasks, you’ll do wonders for your their self-esteem and your schedule!

Don’t sweat out the small things.

We get it. Rules are important. But then again, don’t set rules for every little thing. Your kids have a limit of both accepting and understanding the rules you set for them. So don’t nitpick about the dress they want to wear or the toys they want to play with, rather focus on getting the important rules in place, like, no cursing or fighting.

Play with them as much as you can.

Let your kids come up with their own activities, go with the flow and have fun. That’s all, don’t worry too much about the mechanics or the rules of a game. Treat the game like it is, just as a game!


Trying to fix everything is not always a good idea.

Give the young ones the opportunity to find their own answers. This way, you imbibe the virtues of self-reliance and resilience in them, and that, is going to help them a lot in the future, wouldn’t you agree?


Don’t shy away from disciplining them.

When you enforce limits, you’re not punishing or turning your children away. In fact, you’re just teaching them how to behave and helping them as they navigate the different phases of growing up.


Read books together and narrate tales.

Snuggle in during bed-time, pull out their favorite books and read out a tale. Not only is it a great way to form an everlasting emotional bond with your kid, but it’ll also inculcate in them a good habit of reading.


Carve out a special fun time in a day.

Ask your kid to pick up an activity, and join them doing that with no interruptions in between. This will not only help you bond a lot more, but it’ll also set a daily habit of spending quality time with your kids.


Make memories.

There will be a lot of days when you say a lot of things to your kids, but it’s guaranteed that they won’t remember all of it, what they will surely remember is the family time rituals, the dinner time routines and the bedtime stories that you all do together.


Don’t just be a parent, be a role model.

Instead of telling them what to do, show them what to do, and how it’s done. Being a role model to your kids is any day a lot better than being someone who just tells them what to do and what not to do.

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