“When I Was a Kid, A Man Touched Me Inappropriately,” Reveals Akshay Kumar

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In a shocking revelation made by Bollywood’s “Mr. Khiladi”, Akshay Kumar, it has emerged that he was a victim of child molestation.

Akshay was speaking at an international conference on human trafficking in Mumbai. He narrated this shocking and tremendously personal incident from his childhood, in order to shed light on the risk faced by children on a day-to-day basis, and the significance of communication to ensure the identification of sexual predators. He said –

Let me share my own experience with you all here. When I was a very young kid, a lift-man once touched me inappropriately. Since I had good communication with my parents, I told them about this incident

The actor further revealed that his attacker was later apprehended in a different case, and it emerged that he was a habitual offender.

Akshay emphasised on the importance of communication and free interaction between parents and their kids, so that such offenders may not go unpunished.

What Akshay has brought up is a tremendously serious issue that’s hardly discussed in our society, if at all – Child abuse. It’s shameful and alarming that more and more cases of child sexual abuse are occurring everyday in our country. This doesn’t make the issue a contemporary one. It means that more cases are being expressed and voiced out.

Sex in general is such a taboo topic in families that our kids are almost never taught the simple concepts of good touch and bad touch.

Bad touch


On one hand, we are scared of communicating this to our children, and on the other, we do not know of an effective way to educate them on Sexual Abuse. The trauma, the fear, the agony, of a little soul put through abject misery, has to be dealt with. Us adults have to observe and help our kids. If we were to do a better job of making our kids aware of these things, there wouldn’t be any chance of confusion or shame in their young minds, and they would certainly seek immediate help in dire situations.


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