5 Insanely Amazing Things That Happen When You Don’t Settle For Less

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Every day, people settle for less than they deserve. They are only partially living or at best living a partial life. Every human being has the potential for greatness.

~Bo Bennett

When you continuously settle for less than what you want, dissatisfaction abets you. It starts affecting all your decisions. You resist from exploring new opportunities. The dissatisfaction suppresses your desires too.


Once you understand that you’re not getting what you deserve, you need to reject the mistreatment. Motivate yourself by doing things you like. Appreciate yourself instead of looking for it outside. As you feel better, you will stop settling for anything less than you deserve.

So, what happens when you don’t settle for less than you deserve?

1. You stop rationalising misbehaviour:

When you adjust with whatever you get, you may justify the mistreatment happening with you. It may lower your self confidence and you’d continue to rationalise their misbehaviour. But the moment you stop settling for less than you deserve, you stop accepting such misbehaviour. You start expressing what hurts you. You’ll find out who understands your discomfort and who invalidates your emotions. It helps you become a better person overall.


2. You stop being vulnerable after setbacks:

Failure is a phase and not your identity. You may consider yourself to be cursed with difficulties and setbacks. When you define yourself by the failure, you tend to take a step back. You need to accept that you are not your failure. Once you stop allowing the bitterness of disappointments to discourage you, instead of being vulnerable after setbacks you’ll come out stronger.

3. Understand that being alone is not abandonment:

Being alone is not the same as being lonely. Once you remove the toxic people from your life you will start liking your company. It is important for you to self-analyse and spend some time only for yourself. The time you spend on yourself alone is not out of loneliness. You will begin to understand the difference between being alone and being abandoned.

4. Express confidently:

You may not always get what you want. This shouldn’t stop you from having goals. You need to continue expressing your likes and dislikes. Those who care for you will take a note. You will be able to filter people from your life.

don't settle for anything less than what you deserve

5. Get what you deserve:

When you don’t adjust with anything less, you get only what you deserve. You are less disappointed. You start accepting yourself better. You are more aware about yourself.

Note: Not matter what people say, stop accepting anything less than you deserve.

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