YourDOST Enters $1 Bn Pet Therapy Market – Pets for Hire For The First Time in India!

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Mar 31, Bengaluru: A young startup YourDOST has announced its new offering of making monkeys available for rent – 24×7 on demand. Through their revolutionary cutting-edge technology, they will accept orders from city residents and deliver a monkey to their homes in less than 30 minutes. This is a path-breaking, one-of-its-kind service in the recent times.


The new service is being rolled out tomorrow by the organisation, which has been working in the mental health sector for more than 2 years. Richa Singh, the CEO and Co-Founder of YourDOST shared,

“I founded YourDOST in Dec 2014 with the aim of providing emotional support to people and offer counseling services on our platform.  On conducting an intensive research on 4000 residents of the city in association with prestigious educational institutions, we concluded that playing with monkeys is the most effective way to reduce the stress caused by hectic jobs, bad traffic and air pollution in the city. This offering has the potential to change the life of all our users and also the industry.”

Several prestigious research centres have declared that animal therapy and pet therapy are effective in dealing with stressors in day-to-day life. Dr A.K. Shah, the world-renowned counselor is a strong supporter of the monkey play,

“Watching monkeys play releases endorphins in the body. These endorphins make any person happy. And happy people deal with stress better. So, people who play with monkeys regularly deal with stress much better.”

Puneet Manuja, co-founder of YourDOST shares,

“My friend pinged me on Whatsapp the other day to ask if I had any funny videos of animals with me. I shared my collection of cute cat and dog GIFs with him but he insisted on monkey antics. That is when we realised that monkeys are our best bet among animals to reduce stress.”

The service will be made available through a mobile app and users can order their choice of a monkey on the platform from the 10 choices available, right from a cute baby langoor to a full-grown gorilla. The monkeys can be rented for 6 hours, 12 hours or 24 hours for affordable prices. The monkeys will be cleaned, disinfected and then delivered to you with a food kit. “We can order food, electronics and even furniture to our homes. Then why not happiness? We are confident that all our users will love the experience and keep renting with us”, Puneet added.

 You can sign up for the service here and receive a 50% off discount coupon.

We wish anything and everything stated above was true. Monkeys are adorable, aren’t they? And it would have been amazing if it were possible to really hire one to cuddle with. In conclusion, we would like to say,


Team YourDOST

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