Depression Snuffs Another Young Life In India: RIP Arjun Bhardwaj

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On an average, in India, 20.9 people commit suicide per every 1,00,000 people. (Source: WHO)

Arjun Bhardwaj, a 24-year-old engineering student shot a Live video on Facebook calling it a “suicide tutorial”. Minutes after shooting this video he jumped down from his room on the 19th floor of a hotel in Mumbai.

He was under the influence of alcohol while posting the video which had four steps to suicide. The concluding lines of the video were “See you guys on the other side.”

Several handwritten letters were found which included an apology letter to his parents. One of them read:

“I’m a drug addict…I don’t want to live anymore and hence committing suicide.”

Further investigations alleged that he had been depressed. He could have been under tremendous stress due to the low marks in his exams.

Arjun was found lying in a pool of blood and lost his life before reaching the hospital. His life could have been saved if he had spoken to someone about his inner turmoil. Our condolence to the family and we hope he rests in peace.


WHO reports claim approximately 5.7 crore Indians are suffering from Depression. Depression has become an epidemic in India. It’s high time we break our silence and bring the conversation on Depression outside the attic. Our request to youngsters, their families and friends is to share emotional difficulties with someone trustworthy.

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