8 Scary Things About A Brand New Relationship

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Being in a new relationship is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world. The love, care and affection one receives is overwhelming. The initial phase of any relationship is mostly rosy. But like all other things, relationships also have their highs and lows. Here are a few scary things about brand new relationships:

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1. Their past is a mystery

You may not have any idea about your partner unless you grew up with them or knew this person for at least a few years. You probably will have very little knowledge about their background and what they do for a living (but it may or may not be true). For social media and dating app users, things probably will get all the more terrifying as they are wandering into a completely unknown territory.

2. You’re not sure how comfortable you can really get

Can I crack dirty jokes? Can I take my makeup off in front of him? Can I burp in front of her? Is he OK with holding hands and walking in the park? Is she Ok if I eat without using a spoon?

In the initial days of your relationship, you might have to think twice before being “yourself”. You probably will have to be cautious of each and every move you make. You may never know what might irk your partner in the initial stages. So, there’s always a pressure to present a more polished version of you.

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3. You may not know if your partner is on the same page as you?

You probably will have no clue of what is going on in your partner’s mind. Maybe you want a long lasting relationship but you’re probably just a fling to them. This makes things very uncertain and it isn’t a pleasant experience for the two of you. Unless these issues are sorted out and communicated to each other clearly, the journey ahead can be a very rough one.

4. Something you do might bother your partner

You may not know things about you that bother them. You’re comfortable with who you are. Your friends and family know you well and what you do may not bother them at all.

But now, you have a new person in your life. They are probably still trying to ascertain whether you’re good enough for them or not. They are trying to get to know you better. This might make you over-conscious. There’s just no telling what will hit a nerve this early on. Things that you once felt natural doing are now things that you’d give a second thought to.

5. What does your partner expect from you

In the initial stages of a relationship, one might go out of one’s way to impress their partner. But impressing yourDOST partner would depend on their expectations from you. So what does your partner want? A breakfast in bed or just a good morning kiss? A fancy dinner date or just an evening walk?

You may have to put in a lot of effort into the relationship and get to know your partner and their preferences better.

6. Honesty is the best policy. Or is it?

You are just beginning to know your partner better. Building relationship and trust take time. So, naturally you would think twice before pouring your heart out in the initial weeks. You wouldn’t know how honest you should be.

Should I be completely honest about my past? Is it too soon to share all of these details? These are a few things that will definitely cross your mind. You just aren’t sure how much information is too much, too soon.

Some might appreciate you for being honest in the nascent phase of your relationship. Others might want to take the information in slowly. It’s nerve-wracking to balance your act on a tightrope.  

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7. Peek-a-boo

There may not be a way to know if they’re hiding something. They may have addictions that they are trying to overcome. They may still be in love with their ex. They may have intimacy issues. They may be a flirt. They may be abusive. They may have many other personal issues that will affect the relationship but nothing comes out into the open. The only thing you can do is to wait and watch.

8. You probably won’t know if their friends and family really like you

Oh! So you think impressing them will just do? There’s more my friend. You will have to impress their family and friends too. Your partner might take their opinion and consent before taking this relationship to the next level.

The screenshots of text messages you send them may invariably go to their close ones. You will have to meet their friends and family over a lunch or a drink. You will have to work your charm on them too.

To make things worse, it’s hard to tell who really likes you and who thinks you’ll be gone in due time. So good luck in trying to impress them, their family and their friends.

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