Ismail Fought Anxiety Alone & Is Winning

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Anxiety is not visible. It doesn’t bring in physical changes which can be recognised. Ismail shares that anxiety has always been a part of him. He did not know that many people suffer from it and that you could even seek help.

“Most people go on regular check-ups to their dentist or Physician but never to a psychologist/psychiatrist. Shouldn’t mental health be as important as physical health?”

Ismail suffers from Generalised Anxiety Disorder which includes many symptoms of different types of anxiety. These symptoms have been making his life miserable, and draining him emotionally and physically. He always had an intense feeling that something bad is going to happen, and imagined the worst case scenarios for every situation and believed them to be true.

“If my mother were late, I would believe that she must have met with an accident. If I fell sick, I would think it was terminal.”

He was traumatised the most when he felt possessed. He had sleepless nights because of this fear. He didn’t tell anybody thinking that they would ridicule him for being weak. Sometimes, when it got really bad, he would sneak into his parent’s room, trembling with fear but wouldn’t wake them up or tell them what was wrong. He would wait there until the panic attack would pass, praying to God for some peace of mind.

“It’s not stress, it’s a struggle. It’s a daily battle that you have to fight within your mind”

Lately, things have gotten better for Ismail. His loved ones have always been there by his side. This has made a huge difference in his life and has given him a chance to fight back and heal.

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