How Postpartum Depression Almost Ruined Her Marriage

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New mothers can succumb to Postpartum Depression any time within the first year of childbirth. They may feel sad, lost, anxious, and guilty for not being able to bond with their baby. Here’s one such story which not only brings to light the ups and downs postpartum depression brings along but also tells us how critical it’s to spot the early signs of postpartum depression and provide the required care and attention.

Anjana gave birth to Chickoo, a baby boy. The hospital refused to provide a separate crib for him, so they had to share the bed. This gave Anjana sleepless nights. She would imagine him fall off the bed or that she would roll over him. Little things made her anxious.


Once they were home, she was assisted by a full-time nanny for the baby and a maid for looking after the household chores. She also had her husband and her parents for emotional support.

“In spite of having all of them around me, I was suffering from Postpartum Depression.”

But Anjana felt her relationship with her husband was breaking apart. Constant complaints from her husband about her not taking proper care of the baby aggravated her condition. She wanted to jump off her balcony or just stay under the shower, just to avoid the nagging. At times, she wanted to leave home and never return.

“I felt ugly, fat with heavy unwieldy breasts. I felt like a cow with milk overflowing onto my shirt.”

She felt left out when her husband showered his love and attention only on the baby. She began blaming him for everything that went wrong.

With time, it was the breastfeeding that aided her to overcome depression and helped her connect with her son. She was also able to repair her relationship with her husband.

Her advice is to not brush the issue of Postpartum Depression under the carpet.

“It is important to care for the newborn as well as the mother and instead of belittling new mothers, encourage them to take steps towards motherhood.”

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