An Open Letter To Psychologists From A Person With Mental Disorder

2 minutes

Dear Psychologist,

They asked me not to react to every little thing. My friends stopped speaking to me due to my extreme reactions. I was so scared because I did not understand what was happening to me. I was never so violent! I knew I would not harm anybody but when people were scared of me even I was scared of myself.

At times I was in a mood to dance and sing aloud but the next moment I would be dead-tired. I had stopped speaking to everybody because nobody understood me. I felt so low and I wanted to put a stop to the torrent of thoughts in my head. I was in pain but I had no wound to show.

When nobody believed me, you were there for me. Thank you for understanding my situation. Thank you for not judging me. You welcomed me with a warm heart and you were open to listening to my concerns. You didn’t tell me that I was mad or overthinking about something.

I was hopeless before I spoke to you. I felt I was not worth anything. I was not only unhappy with people around me but even with myself.

I didn’t have any purpose in life. Thank you for helping me understand myself. I couldn’t have felt this content without your help. You have been a saviour to me. You helped me build my confidence and stand up for myself. I had never dreamt that I would have dreams to look upto. But I have them now and it is all because of your support and guidance.

In this world full of selfish people, I felt you were selflessly helping me. You never complained even when I continued to be negative about everything. People had lost hope, I had lost hope and felt like ending my life more than once. But you would not let me give up! I owe you for the positivity. I owe you my life. I don’t have anything worth giving you for all that you did for me.

But accept my sincere thanks for everything. People like you move beyond stereotypes and listen without judging. I hope there are more human beings like you if not counselors.

Yours Sincerely,

Person With Mental Disorder

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