6 Unusual Things That Can Cause Depression

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The causes of depression vary from person to person. While you can look out for the usual suspects, like stress and anxiety, loss of a loved on, dejection and rejection in the profession, there are many unusual things that cause depression too. Things like the weather, Facebook and even puppies are known to cause depression.

Here’s a list of unusual causes of depression, with an explanation as to why this could happen to you –  

1. Weather –

The most common form of weather caused depression is the Seasonal Affective Disorder, SAD (quite literally), and is affects people during winter. It’s even called the winter blues. A similar effect is caused during summer time too. This usually happens because the body’s delay in coping with the change in season.

2. Smoking –

Studies have shown that people affected by clinical depression are more likely get addicted to smoking. However, smoking itself can be the cause of depression. This is because nicotine causes the brain to produce more dopamine and serotonin (the happy drugs), and the lack of it when you’re not smoking can cause depression too.

3. Facebook –

Facebook causes depression in many ways. For one, the power of sitting behind a web browser emboldens people to say whatever they want and negative statements towards you can create a negative view of yourself. Furthermore, seeing status updates of others and even the likes someone gets on a status makes people compare themselves against it. This too can make one feel inadequate about themselves. And for someone who’s prone to depression, the use of Facebook can cause serious problems.

4. (some)Birth Control pills –

The birth control pill or commonly referred to as just “the pill” is a scientific breakthrough and is used by millions of women around the world. For some women, who are more prone to depression, the progesterone based birth control pill has adverse effects on them. In fact, some women have to resort to a non-hormone based birth control methods because of this very reason.

5. Thyroid disease –

The thyroid gland, which produces the thyroid hormone, is also responsible for controlling the amount of serotonin released by the brain. In the thyroid disease, not enough thyroid hormone is produced, and the affected produce of serotonin causes depression. Luckily, the thyroid disease is treatable with medication.

6. Puppies –

We even wrote a whole blog on this, but long story short, bringing home a puppy can have postpartum like effects on the primary caretaker. The sudden loss of freedom, mixed with constant doubts on one’s caretaking ability, lack of sleep and inability to communicate with the new puppy can cause depression.

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