Are You Sacrificing Your Health For Work?

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Work is an integral part of our lives but if we make it the only thing in our lives, a lot of things take the back seat. While close friends and family get distanced, your health is the most affected by it.

You all need to work to support ourselves and our families at some point in time. It is important that you take responsibility for yourself and become independent. While you take work seriously, you may not realise you may be spending personal time. The lack of personal time is not only bad for your relationships but it can also affect your health. You need to maintain a work-life balance in order to have a healthy life.


How can you identify if your work is affecting your health?

1. You feel stressed.

Work at any organisation can be stressful. You invest a lot of your mind and thoughts rather than physical workout. You are not only sacrificing your physical health but even your mental wellness is hampered.

You may be under stress and you need to detox your mind as well as your body.

2. You have relationship issues.

You have been working overtime and haven’t been able to spend enough time with family. This had led to the relationship with family and friends become a bit distant. Even when you are with them you are anxious about work.

You need to make time for yourself and your closed ones. Don’t let work create differences.

3. You bring unfinished work home.

You have been working really hard at work and there is no difference between your work time and leisure time. As your workload increases, you bring your work home. Work occupies all your time, leaving no time for yourself.

You need to manage your appropriately. Don’t let work occupy your entire day.

4. You always feel tired.

Due to stress, work pressure, you may always feel stressed. This can lead to making you feel tired. Your performance at work also is going down on the graph.

It’s time you take up your health seriously. You need to look after yourself.

5. You are dominated by negative thoughts.

As your performance is not up to the mark you tend to feel low. Negative thoughts are charged up and you feel you are not worthy of your role. With the relationship issues, imbalance of work and life you tend to feel negative.

It’s good to work hard and be responsible but don’t let your work become the only part of your life. Spend enough time on yourself. Do physical activities, even meditation is a good for the body as well as the mind. Try some de-stressing techniques  and keep yourself healthy from the mind as well as the body.

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Maiveez Charaniya

Maiveez is a special friend at yourDOST. She has accomplished a master degree in counseling psychology and is trained as NLP practitioner and coach (school of excellence ), with the passion for identifying the change in people connected and helping people from all walks of life. She has also been undertaking workshops on storytelling for toddlers, Di-addiction and parenting style. With her constant effort in her work, she has also been associated with Bharat scouting and guiding India which was recognised by receiving youth award for excellence by aga-khan youth and sports board India. Believing in the Asian culture and preserving the old style of the art form to innate the value proposed by Asian culture she is also found to be a trainer. And seems to continue her believe of one being a little more responsible for its state than anyone else.