Hunny shares his story on battling Cancer

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I am Hunny, a 24-year-old man from Mumbai, Maharashtra. I live with my parents. After completing my graduation with Maths Hons I was working at a company for six months when a sudden turn of events changed my life completely. From an independent self-employed young guy, I changed into a dependent, unemployed, physically handicapped Cancer patient.

It was in 2015 when I was diagnosed with CANCER in my right ankle. Suddenly the world around me seemed to fade out. “Cancer” the word itself is so scary and there I was living it. Nobody in my family has ever been to so many hospitals in their entire lives, but I did. We visited countless doctors and consulted a few more. The more I consulted the doctors the more my life’s greatest fear came closer to me.

Every doctor that we consulted suggested me to amputate my leg below the knee. That was the most critical phase of my life. I was terrified of becoming a handicap. Sleepless nights followed as I tried talking to cancer victims and watched videos of the same. So, after a lot of thinking, I finally took the hardest decision of my life, i.e., to amputate my leg.

I was operated in April. I was awake during the whole procedure. When regained my senses and saw the bandages on my right knee I was not able to look into my parent’s eyes. I could feel what were they going through seeing their young son in that condition.

Initially, it was very difficult to cope up with life. There was a sudden drop in my lifestyle. My day to day activities was monitored by my family. I was totally dependent on them. Slowly with time I understood that I have to be strong enough to look through things.

I spent whole 6 months till August being bed ridden fighting with my own thoughts. Then I went through the prosthesis procedure. There I meet so many people who have lost their body parts and were still fighting. There I realised that I am still at a better place.

After the prosthesis procedure, I was able to walk on plain surfaces, ramps. I had to practice climbing the stairs. I have come a long way since then. Only when I remove my prosthetic leg at night I get a flashback of my hard days. It’s hard but not impossible. I may not be able to live my normal life, but I thank God that I got a chance to stand & walk and live my life with some restrictions. All my efforts paid off when I managed to see a hope in my parent’s eyes.

It was not at all easy but one thing which made me strong was I can’t put my parents hard earned money at stake just by giving up. So I kept up the fight and the desire to live. You can win any situation just by will power. Try to accept and avoid to expect.

CANCER is still a fear in our society but it itself says “you CAN SIR”. For me, Cancer is a blessing which gave me the opportunity to understand the meaning of life.

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