Sreoshi on battling TB and overcoming it

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I am Sreoshi Bakshi currently residing in Kolkata with my parents. I am pursuing my M.A. in Journalism from Calcutta University.

I am an avid reader. I love travelling and crave authentic cuisines. I am also an amateur blogger and I have written on various topics over several social media channels. My family and I are pretty much attached to each other, which means that either we are often arguing among ourselves on very small issues or laughing our hearts out on silly matters.

Two years back, just as I had completed my graduation from a well-known college in Kolkata, I was diagnosed with acute Tuberculosis. In the earlier stages, I just felt it was mild sickness as I lost my appetite, I started getting thinner, I couldn’t walk much and I grew weak. My condition worsened in those few months and the worst part was that none of the doctors could detect the problem.

Finally, when I no longer could eat and my weight had sunk below 30 kg, only then we realised it was something major. The doctor who detected Tuberculosis was my father’s friend and he had asked me to keep hope and faith on his medical procedures. The road to complete cure was a tough one, but I was determined to achieve it.

In November 2014, my rigorous journey started. My daily routine included medicines throughout the day, monthly blood tests and complete bed rest. We all know that Tuberculosis is a contagious disease and hence I was most of the time kept in isolation.

I was too weak to go out alone, lest catch up with my friends. My life had suddenly become a blank page as I had lost touch with my friends, no contacts on social media and no meet ups. I was too ashamed to tell my friends about my disease, as I wouldn’t be able to handle if they stopped being friends with me. My parents too would sometimes stay away from me since they felt the disease would affect them. This detachment sent me into depression as I always felt “unwanted” from my family members. There was definitely a miscommunication and somehow I was very hurt by all those things.

The doctors noticed a slight change in my health after 2 months but that wasn’t very promising. I had suddenly become the quietest, sheltered girl, who was once the most jovial one. Mood swings, depression and mental breakdowns soon became a part of my life during those months and I hated myself for all that. I just couldn’t recognise myself.

But finally a silver lining had dawned in my life and a special friend of mine, Jayjeet, came to my rescue. He not only motivated me to think positive but he stayed by my side during every step. From providing me books of all types at my doorstep (since I couldn’t travel much) to taking me out in his car. He made sure that I had a normal life, despite the fact that I was a Tuberculosis patient. He never discriminated me or felt that he shouldn’t sit beside me, and that really showed what a gem of a person he was. His positive effect brought about a feel-good effect on me as well and very soon, I was coping up with the disease and the improvements were appreciable. My body weight had increased in those 6 months; I looked more healthy. I was feeling energetic and I had finally found my passion for writing.

In those 6 months, as I sat idle at home, doing nothing, Jayjeet had suggested me to start my own blog. Initially, I had very less idea about it but as I gathered more information about it, I slowly understood that blogging was “my thing”. I had always been an amateur writer since my childhood. But I got back my zeal to write and started penning down all my emotions, stories and experiences with life. While writing about these happy moments, trust me I couldn’t have felt better.

Ever since I got back to writing, I am able to channelize my emotions in one direction. I know that if I vent out my emotions by writing I will become a better and wiser person.

I’ve faced a crucial 6 months ordeal and without the support of Jayjeet and my family, I wouldn’t have been able to come out of that mess. Even when my parents would hesitate to come near me, my friend was always there for me. Thanks to him, I actually discovered my special talent of writing.

Today, I feel I’m on top of the world! My friend Jayjeet is now my startup business partner and my supporting boyfriend, my parents are proud of me and my success. I have finally completed my Masters which I wasn’t able to do during that time.

Sometimes all we need is a miracle in life and everything will be alright. Yes, finding a miracle is tough. Maybe it’s right in front of you and you wouldn’t even know, but we should always appreciate everyone in our lives and somehow the miracle will work. We should also have faith in ourselves and not break down in times of adversity. Just keep at it, you will be a winner.

I am sharing my story because I feel there are many of us who are ashamed to speak about their ailments. Also, who feel like a failure or are hopeless about their lives and who are simply being demotivated. Remember, you are special and you know it. Nobody can ever take that away from you. Every time you fall in your step, just pick yourself up and prepare for the worst, because it is only YOU who will help yourself to be the ultimate champion.

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