Open Letter From Parent To Child About The Lost Childhood

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Dear Child,

I love you immensely. I’ve been blessed to have a child like you who is not just talented but also humble. But I feel you’re being trapped in the pit of expectations.

As a child, I was more carefree. I would play and study. My games were different than yours. I have lived the best moments of my life during my childhood. We learned from elders and our friends. Every little incident would teach us something. My grandparents shared their stories and I loved listening to them. They were my first superheroes.

You, my child, have a lot more than what was expected out of me. Somewhere we as parents are to be blamed. We have enrolled you into so many skill development classes. You go for a sports coaching, a drawing school, learn music and also dance after the regular school time. As parents, we are proud of you and everything you do. But, we miss you.

I wish we could play together. I wouldn’t stress you out like the sports coaching center does. You wouldn’t listen to me now. The kids of your age group are mostly going through the similar exposure. Though you develop your skills it occurs to me that you’re not living a life of a child. You’re already bombarded with several responsibilities.

There’s always a comparison between your peers and you want to be the best. When I was a child, it was superior to be good at a single thing. Now I see that though you’re brilliant at everything you do it doesn’t seem enough.

I wish we could learn together instead of you learning at those routine coaching classes. Even if we try, it will be difficult for you to stand at par with your peers. The kids at your school are excelling at different skills. Just like you, we are concerned about your happiness and achievements.

We want you to be successful and live a happy life. We want to give you the best of everything that’s available. While doing so I can see that we’re not really being helpful. We’re encouraging the pressure that competition and comparison brings. We are preparing you for future by keeping the innocence of childhood at stake. While working so hard already you’re missing out on the smaller things which are important.

Before blaming anybody else we as parents are to be blamed. We have followed the mainstream way without considering the cons and only looked at the pros.

What can we do now?

It’s children’s day and we apologize to you. We promise to let you free of the traps of expectations. We will learn as a team. Your childhood will be innocent and happy. Help us make your childhood more meaningful than the various coaching classes you go to. Your childhood will not be only about developing skills which can be useful for your future.

A message to both parents and children: Never let the child within you die.

Yours loving,


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