I Spend What My Husband Earns, How Can I Be Financially Independent?

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Do women want to be dependent on their husband financially? According to the survey by CouponCodes4U, one-third of women find comfort in the idea that marriage is a safe choice in order to live a comfortable life. Conventionally women had to marry to survive. But the times have changed as women have gone beyond taking the responsibilities of household chores. They are flourishing even in their professional lives.

Despite being independent several women make a conscious decision to choose family over a professional career. This is with a vision to have a stable home and a happy family. But, in time it may so happen that you get conscious while spending. You feel frustrated to depend upon your husband to buy little things.

How Can You Deal With Such Financial Dependency?

1. Find out where you spend:

Remember, Total income-Total outflow = Monthly Saving.

You need to know where you spend all the money you get from your husband. You may have several expenses on the list, make a note of every small and big expenditure. When you know all the expenses you can prioritize them. You can cut down the unnecessary ones for the coming months. This way you have the savings for yourself. 

Calculte your monthly cash flows and determine where you can cut down to save for yourself. 

2. Set a goal you can achieve:

Now that know your expenses have a realistic number for your expenses. Know what you want to spend on so that you need not disappoint yourself anytime. Once you know your expenses you will be well prepared to buy the things you need or want. 

Knowing what you are expecting will save you from being disappointed always.

3. Learn the art of cost cutting:

When you have the list of your current expenditures and know how much you want to save, how can you cut down on expenses becomes important? Here are a few tips to cut down on monthly expenses:

  • Prioritize the necessary expenses.
  • If you already have a broadband connection then all television shows can be watched online.
  • You can express your love by cooking instead of planning dinner at expensive restaurants
  • Host a potluck at home with your friends, there will be delicious food as well as the comfort of home.
  • 4. There are other ways of saving:

Cost cutting would restrict you from doing certain things. You can find alternate ways to save.

  • Open a saving bank account. The quarterly interest will be an added income for you. 
  • Invest in the stock market. You will be able to claim profits as the market grows upwards.
  • Find other investment options like bonds, mutual funds, FOREX etc.
  • When you have savings you are being independent of your husband’s finances.

5. Look for a convenient job for yourself:

When you are single handily responsible for the household chores it might get difficult to go out and work to earn for yourself. You can try working from home instead. Many organizations support the idea of work from home. You can work as per your convenience and interest. You can even be flexible with the timing and work accordingly. This is will not only make you independent but continue to boost your confidence.

  • You can be a medical transcriptor.
  • Take up small project bases work which will require you to follow a daily routine.
  • Volunteer at the organizations you can associate with.
  • Internships are risk-free and yet add value to your career path.

Just because you aren’t earning now it doesn’t mean you never will. Moreover, happy marriages last when there are mutual partnership and agreement. There is always a certain amount of dependency. Value doesn’t have to be measured financially. The most valuable and respected people do not get any financial rewards. There is so much more than money to expect from a marriage or partner.

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