There Is The Wishing Factory Where Your Wishes Will Be Fulfilled

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We all have problems to deal with. Life is not easy for all in other words, life is difficult. There are breakups, deaths, depression and so many other things to deal with. Some of us deal with it by ourselves while others need help to fight over it. Your problem looks most difficult to you. You don’t usually think that there could be people suffering with larger concerns.

Here’s a story of a real life hero, who is a patient of Thalassaemia – a lifetime disorder where an abnormal form of hemoglobin is produced by the body. He narrates,


“Since I was a 3 month old baby, I would have to get my blood pumped every two weeks… that is the life of a thalassaemia major patient. It wasn’t my parent’s fault, but the negligence on the part of a doctor to inform my parents that because they were both thalassemia minors, there was a high possibility that their child would be a thalassemia major.”


What is life? Is it worth living?

We often have such questions but there may be distinct answers. This brave person despite feeling death so closely has fought over its fear.

“Growing up, I read every article I could find and came to the conclusion that I wouldn’t live more than 16 years…everyday was filled with fear, wondering if it was my last.

Before I knew it, I turned 17 and realised that with the progress of medication my life could be extended as far as 30 years…it was like life was telling me, ‘you still have time, what are you doing with your life?’.”

Death is the ultimate truth.

It is inevitable but life is a lot more than death. Make it worth not only for yourself but even for others whenever you can do it. Nobody wants to die but death is the destination we all will share. It’s the journey you choose before it that matters.

“I just started living each day as if it were my last — I threw myself into adventure sports, climbed multiple peaks and even began working my summers at a travel company, taking children on treks.

But it was last year in November, when I decided what I wanted to be known for once I was no more. I started an NGO called The Wishing Factory where we make the wishes of thalassaemia major and leukaemia patients come true with the help of corporates or just regular people with big hearts.”

So far, The Wishing Factory has completed 101 wishes of these patients who have had only a few days to live. From fulfilling the wish of a 5 year old child to sit in a car, to a helicopter ride around Bombay these angels have come a long way.

Your DOST celebrates the brave spirit of such heroes! Do you have a story inside you of struggle that you overcame with your brave spirit? Share it with us!

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