Those Who Commit Suicide Are Victims, Not Selfish

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What does one do when there is a feeling of extreme pain? Trying ways to end the pain is a common solution. SAVE (Suicide Awareness Voices of Education) suggests that most suicidal people are upset, grief-stricken, depressed or despairing. Their act of killing themselves is an act to end their grief or pain. Yes, this spreads sadness. Yes, it is catastrophic to see a loved one die this way. Yes, it’s awful.

But suicide is not Selfish!

Expecting a person to be logical or think about others when s/he cannot even think for himself/herself is simply put illogical. Being selfish is considered to be wrong or bad. A person who doesn’t even know why there is such a feeling cannot differentiate between right or wrong. Their thought process, mood, and judgment have all been affected by their mental illness.  On top of it, their belief is that the world without them would be a better place for everyone else.

Would a person about to kill himself/herself know how it is to die? Obviously not.

Being “selfish” indicates that one already knows the benefit in performing an act. The “selfish” accusation also often implies that there are other options available, but suicide, the “easy way out” is chosen. The act of suicide is anything but “easy”. A person who is suffering from a mental illness looks for every option to end the plight but suicide looks like the ultimate solution. We ought to understand that a person who attempts a suicide is not mentally healthy.

It’s incomprehensible to me and most others that a person could feel so terrible, so trapped, so desolate that s/he would want to end her/his own life.

Suicide can be thought of as a result of someone feeling so lost that ending their life is the only option. People who don’t have control over themselves can be nothing close to selfish. A person who attempts to suicide would have already fought unending battles which were never won, resulting in such a painful attempt.

It is sad to say that suicide is an act of finding relief. Neither is it a selfish act nor is it a thoughtful one.

At the point when someone is suicidal, they may not be thinking about other people, but they aren’t thinking about themselves either. Therefore, by definition, this rules out the accusation of them being SELFish. Now that we know that it is not a selfish act we should also know that those who attempt to suicide are victims of an unhealthy mental condition. 

It’s difficult to understand and reason “why” someone would take away their life. Losing a person this way is not pleasant and you would just need answers which you know you would never get. What you must understand is that suicide is a result of helplessness. By considering the suffers “selfish” we are merely perpetuating the stigma associated with suicide. 

Stop associating suicide with selfishness, it is mere helplessness and also a condition due to mental unhealthiness. Speak to Experts at YourDOST to get emotional help immediately!

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