Voices In Your Head Which Are Derailing You From Your Goal

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Today, I will tell you a secret. Do you know why “You” is used with “are” and not “is”? Because you are not singular. You have a lot of versions of yourself inside you. You have your own clones inside you. And what’s more interesting? All these versions of you have conflicts of interests. And You, talk with all of them.

Remember? When you try to concentrate on something, a little voice comes up and asks you to check your phone.

When you decide to practice a diet, it asks you to try that yummy burger.

You are that little voice. You are the one who tries to derail yourself.

To be successful, to finish what you started, you need to prevent that voice from winning over you. Let’s see how.

1. Conviction is the key.

While jogging with your kid, when you walk past an ice-cream shop, your kid might throw tantrums, and your little voice might win over. You might buy an ice-cream for your kid even though you were determined that you shouldn’t. But why doesn’t that happen when you see a cigarette shop? No amount of tantrums would make you buy one for your kid. Why? Conviction. The conviction that cigarettes are dangerous for your kid. This level of conviction is what you need to have when you want to win over those little voices and achieve what you actually want. No matter whether the distraction is dangerous or not.

Yes. Conviction is the key.

2. Scold yourself. Repeat.

Really? Again you lost the battle? How shameful. Scold yourself. Repeat those words. Repeat until it registers inside your mind. No soul wants to live being labelled as weak. You will want to overcome that. You will want to change that label.

And You will see yourself gathering strength from unknown sources to fight back with those evil little voices next time.

3. Finally when you achieve it, like what the effective way of parenting suggests, compliment yourself. A lot.

You finally made it. Don’t you think it’s awesome? You are the bravest. You are strong. You must be proud of yourself.

Believe in those words wholeheartedly. A guy who was always a topper wouldn’t want to fail next time. Similarly, you wouldn’t want to lose this winner’s label. Now this would act as a foundation every time you start something new with determination. Remember,

when you truly dedicate yourself to achieving something, nothing can stop you.

Like what Paulo Coelho said,

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

Don’t forget, the only thing between you, and what you want to be, is YOU! You can get more tips from Experts at YourDOST to kill such negative thoughts.

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I have M.Tech in Computational Linguistics. I am presently working as software engineer. I also worked as a teacher for one year. I have conducted several workshops in different subfields of AI. Also, I have published and presented a handful of research papers about Natural Language Processing. My love for Natural language and words made me pursue Mtech in it. And the same keeps me writing. I do pencil sketches, keyboard and write short stories and poems.