Negative Leadership Styles Which Can Be Positive

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Leaders are usually open-minded and have a strong will to execute. Conventionally leaders have common traits but to be better leaders one should know when to zig when others zag. One need not be insufferable to be a better leader. It is possible to be opinionated, adaptable, and pleasant while being a good leader.

Autocratic leadership reduces the workload of decisions:

We have all been made to believe that Autocratic leadership is a negative style but, wait. Do you remember that time in school when group projects were given? We would meet at a friend’s place over the weekend or after school hours. It would be all fun but what about the work?

Finally, a day before the submission one person in the group realizes that marks are important and the project has to be done. Now that there is no time for discussions this one person divides and decides who does what. This is what an autocratic leader does – decides tasks by himself instead of having a discussion with all.

An autocratic leader can avoid conflicts. Also, the members of the group focus on performing specific tasks without worrying about making complex decisions. The group members become highly skilled at performing certain duties. Thus, beneficial for the organization.

Micro management if used wisely, can be a boon:

Micromanagement is keeping a close watch over the work done by the group members. A leader can adopt this style to maintain discipline. It builds a systematic working atmosphere. It is a realistic option as the group members can get immediate help and careful supervision.

Consider this example: While you’re driving on the highway, do you feel micromanaged? Most likely you feel independent. You select your destination, the vehicle and everything you wish to decide about the journey. But if you look closely, you are being micromanaged. You drive on already constructed roads and maintain a certain speed predecided. You even pay a toll for using the road. However, you don’t resent being micromanaged here.

Therefore, Micromanaging systematically removes  the issues that erupt from inefficiencies and replaces problems with opportunities. Additionally, micromanagement done right prevents waste, so your organization has more resources to dedicate to these improvements.

Usually, a leader requires strong shoulders to carry all the responsibilities. But a smart leader would know the best way to execute these responsibilities. 

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