What To Do If Your Partner is Avoiding You

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“I don’t know what I did wrong!

Everything was going just fine. We are actually a very lovey-dovey couple, and we used to text each other all day about the most random things. But now he has stopped texting me.

Every alternate day we used to meet in the park, but now he has started giving me excuses that he has too much work and can’t meet me. How come he suddenly has so much work to do, but never mentioned anything about a big project or something like that all these days? I am starting to doubt his intentions and fidelity”.


This is a common problem faced by many young couples across the country. It could be either partner in the relationship who is feeling ignored.

Here are a few ways to tackle this issue heads on,

  1. Firstly, think it over again. You could be overreacting just a tad. Maybe your partner has moved on from that phase of constantly keeping in touch to the next phase of letting each other know the important stuff. 
  2. If you are sure there’s a problem, talk it out. Do not accuse your partner, but bring it up directly, Perhaps your partner does not even know that you are feeling neglected and for all you know there may suddenly be a lot of work to do.
  3. After you bring up the topic, point out specific instances of when you have been feeling neglected and ignored and ask your partner to explain his/her behavior. When your partner is explaining, listen to him/her with an open mind.
  4. Maybe your partner is struggling with some news that he/she doesn’t know how to share with you. Direct, non-confrontational communication will clear the air and also provide an opportunity to discuss uncomfortable topics.
  5. Finally, give your partner some space. No one likes to be smothered in a relationship. Maybe the only solution you guys need is some time apart to really appreciate your time together.
  6. Most importantly, be patient. It does no good to blow the situation out of proportion and it may not be a reason to end the relationship. Just talk it out calmly, and you and your partner will be able to work something out.

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Swekriti Bhatnagar

Swekriti Bhatnagar is your special friend from YourDOST team. She is a Masters in Counseling Psychology from Christ University. She is experienced in dealing with adolescent and relationship related issues. She believes in the power of communication and that everyone has the ability to change. Through YourDOST she wants to help people vent out their worries and wishes to make a difference in the lives of people