3 Things Super Attractive People Have in Common

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You must have met somebody in your personal and professional life at some point that has left you completely amazed. You were totally swooning over their super attractive personality — their appearance, their smile, even the aura around them was completely majestic.

attractive people

Who are these people and how come they exude such confidence which others can’t? You must have thought that they are probably born with such confidence and attraction, but it’s not true.

Here we look at 3 things such super attractive people have in common and why we all can have it.

  • They Are Super Confident:

Super attractive people don’t just have confidence, they ooze confidence. While a lot of us may think that everything starts with confidence, it is not true. Tomas Chammorro-Premuzic, in his bestselling book, Confidence, The surprising truth about How Much You Need It and How to Get It, had challenged the commonly held notion that confidence breeds competence.

He found through his research that it’s the competency that actually breeds confidence.

Don’t believe us; look at the famous James Bond character. He is exceedingly confident even in the face of extreme dangers because he is a highly trained professional in combat.

Studies have also proved that specially trained people show higher emotional stability and resilience, and thereby are more confident.

  • They Are Extremely Calm

Body language plays a key role in attractiveness. Charismatic people exert an authority over others through a powerful body language.

Super attractively people move unnecessarily, they won’t slouch, and they won’t fidget with their hands. They speak slowly and deliberately and make eye contact with whoever they talk to.

Interestingly, a study on attraction also found that happiness was the most attractive emotion expression for women and the least for men. However, pride was the most attractive emotion for men and the least in the women.

This proves that happiness isn’t that alluring in men, and they should avoid smiling or grinning too much especially in the company of women.

  • They are Super Witty

Funny people are always hard to resist and carry a certain presence and individuality.  A good humour is a sign of intelligence, and people, especially women find it extremely sexy and desirable. 

Studies have found that a women brain responds more positively to humor which is why they people with a good sense of humour finish first when it comes to love. 

So all you wonderful people, bring out the charisma in you. Think we have missed any other important trait? Please add in the comments below. Further, if you want to get more tips on how to be more confident, talk to our experts at YourDOST

Shailaja Shyamsukha

Shailaja is a special friend at YourDOST. She is a practicing psychologist with 2 years of experience. She has studied psychology from GITAM UNIVERSITY. She currently lives in Mumbai.